Deo Done Right. #MoveFree

New Raw Sugar Deodorant at Target.

This is deo done right. Raw Sugar introduces a brand new deodorant line-up to give you happy, healthy pit perfection.

Give your body freedom from regular deodorants that keep the toxins locked inside.  Our unisex Deos are made with naturally derived, Cold Pressed ingredients and essential oils allowing your body to release toxins while keeping you fresh and BO free. They’re free of Aluminum, Baking Soda, Talc Parabens and Propylene, allergy and clinically tested and are cruelty free and vegan.

All 7 original scents push up, go on silky, smooth, clear and dry so there’s no sticky underarms or residue to mess with your vibe. And they’re in zero waste, 100% Biodegradable packaging because the planet needs to stay fresh too.  Shop for them now at your local Target.

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