Tips on reusing your Raw Sugar packaging. 


Using eco-friendly packaging is key to helping the environment but if you want to take your love for Mother Nature one step further, why not think about recycling and repurposing your Raw Sugar packaging?  It’s a great way to eliminate waste, cut down on plastic purchases and keep your home tidy and organized while you’re at it. 


Here are some room by room ideas on how you can put your used Raw Sugar Body Butter and Sugar Scrub containers to use. 



Use them to plant and grow small herbs for cooking.

Wrap them in burlap, tie a ribbon around it and plant succulents 

Keep loose pens and pencils contained. 

Wash containers and use for holding nuts, dried fruits or candy for the kids. 


Contain hair bands 

Toothbrushes and toothpaste holder 

Make up brush holder 


Office/Kids room: 

Pen and pencil holder

Paper clip holder 

Kids crayons or other art supplies such as paint brushes or pens and pencils 



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