The One Day Detox

Relax and reset.
The holidays make us all a little crazy. Whether you’re hosting happy holiday get togethers or attending and raiding the party buffet, we could all use a day to reset.
Giving yourself one day to detox can do wonders for your peace of mind and get your focus back on what’s important.
Here’s how to take 24 hours just for you and refocus your mind, body and spirit.
  • Wake up naturally, preferably with the sun and first thing, make yourself some warm lemon water.  It clears night time sluggishness and helps your body wake up your digestive track.  Not to mention, provides a good boost of vitamin C.
  • Take 15 or 20 minutes to do some gentle stretching, deep breathing and meditation.  When you begin the day with intention, its a game changer. Start with simple deep breathing as you stretch and wake up your body.  Then be still, get comfortable and meditate — start with a list of a few things that you are you grateful for, including your own body; visualize and feel the emotions of gratitude and sending out love and kindness in to the world.  To go even further, visualize all the things you’d like to have happen in your perfect day.
  • Take a shower or bath using natural lemon products to lift your spirits.  The scent of lemon has an uplifting affect on your mind as well as a detoxifying affect on your body.  Raw Sugar has an entire line of Lemon Sugar scented natural products from Body Wash, Bar Soap and Sugar Scrub to Lotion, rich Body Butter and Natural Lip Balm.  It will leave you feeling fresh, pampered and clear-headed.


  • Eat the rainbow.  December is a month where we’re all about comfort food and we often neglect our big, fresh salads loaded with veggies or fruits.  If you need warmth, Add roasted veggies like squash, beets and carrots to a green salad topped with olive oil and lemon and a few walnuts for crunch.
  • Take a walk in nature.  Whether you head out your front door and cruise the neighborhood or drive to the beach or hills — it’s all good. The point is to be outside, look at the sky, notice the trees, feel the fresh air and breathe.
  • To avoid the afternoon lull, eat something rich in protein (avoid anything sugary)  Try a rice cake with nut butter, a hard boiled egg or your favorite protein smoothie.
  • Move.  Get some exercise.  Put on some music, dance around the house, take a yoga class, spin or do whatever you love to do that moves your body and makes you feel alive.
  • Cook for yourself and eat dinner on the early side.  The simple act of cooking something healthy and delicious for yourself has a profound effect on your self worth.  It’s an act of love.  Eating early will give your body a chance to digest and may help you have a more restful sleep as well.
  • Unplug.  At least one hour before you go to bed, unplug from your phone and other electronics.  Light some candles.  Have some tea.  Put on soft music, read a book, write in a journal. Turning off from the constant buzz of electronics alone can help you feel more mindful and in control.
  • Take a minute to reflect. When you take life more slowly and practice some self care are your body and spirit more aligned?  Do you feel kinder thoughts about yourself and others?
  • Go to bed early.  Getting enough sleep not only helps your immune system, it has the biggest affect on your overall health from body to brain.  Making a commitment to resting and getting enough sleep is the single most important thing you can do for your well being.

Staying Hydrated during the Winter

Drinking water is life. During hot summer days, downing enough water is a no-brainer, but when the temperature drops, that glass of H20 is suddenly less appealing. In fact, research suggests people are actually 40% less thirsty during winter months even though the amount of water our body needs on a daily basis doesn’t change.  


Dehydration is a dangerous and common health issue so as the temps drop, keep that reusable water bottle handy. Here are a few other tips to help stay healthy and hydrated in the cooler months.  


  • If you don’t want cool water, drink a warm, non-caffeinated drink such as hot tea to help keep your liquid intake up.  
  • Cut back on drinks that are diuretics like coffee and alcohol.  
  • Eat your fluids. Raw fruits and veggies have a high water content so upping your intake can help.  
  • Drink light soups, broth or fruit or veggie infused waters to keep the flavor high and calories low.  
  • Know the warning signs. If your urine is light, you’re probably sufficiently hydrated. If its dark, time to ramp up your H20 intake.

Daily habits to help keep weight off

Oh, the holidays. We are overbooked, over-eating, over-indulging and likely watching the needle on the scale inch up. But here’s the thing. It’s not just Thanksgiving through New Years that makes or breaks our weight goals. It’s what we continuously do all year long that truly makes a difference.  


Your daily habits have more to do with your weight management than any one month of excess. Things like getting enough sleep and drinking enough water are the obvious daily musts if you’re trying to maintain a healthy weight. If you’re not sleeping, your body simply doesn’t have time to go through cleansing cycles and maintain hormonal balance, making it seemingly impossible to lose weight. If you’re not drinking water, your body may want to overcompensate with food. So sleep, hydrate and check out some other simple daily habits you may want to incorporate to help feel your best every single day. 


Practice Mindfulness. The first step toward managing what you’re eating is actually being aware of what you’re consuming. Be aware of mindless consumption and know when and why you’re grabbing food. Try not to eat on the fly — rather sit down, put your fork down between bites and be grateful for the food you have. Ask yourself if what you’re putting in your mouth is serving your higher good and deserving to be in your beautiful body.  


Be Prepared. Taking an extra hour or two on Sundays for week day meal prep is one of the biggest contributors to having a successful week of eating. When we’re hungry, we’re not likely to spend time roasting veggies. Do it ahead of time and keep healthy staples in the fridge. Skipping the fast fixes and reaching for your home-cooked healthier options is a habit that has a big impact on your weight.   


Move. We’re not saying book a trainer and hit the gym for an hour a day. Small daily habits like walking more, taking stairs, and scheduling a three minute deep breathing and stretching session every couple of hours while sitting at your desk does wonders.  


Get Your Vitamin D. Getting enough vitamin D can keep your hormone levels in check and may even help to lose weight and decrease body fat. 15 minutes of morning sun and supplements are both good steps to take.      


Remember, maintaining a healthy weight is a marathon, not a sprint. Consistency and persistency are key to achieving your best weight.  

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Shampoo for Dry Hair

Does your hair feel dull and dry?  The cooler weather, indoor heat and lack of moisture in the air are all reasons why hair can feel more brittle in the fall and winter.  To ramp up your hair’s moisture content and reclaim your bounce and shine, try shampoos and conditioners that are full of botanical extracts to deliver thirst-quenching, shine-enhancing hair nutrition.  


Raw Sugar’s The Moisture Smoothie Shampoo is like a smoothie for dehydrated hair with Cold Pressed Coconut + Agave + Sweet Almond Milk delivering the super hydrating nutrients and velvety soft feel your hair needs now.  


The Bounce Back Shampoo and Conditioner are infused with shine-enhancing Cold Pressed carrot oil plus Certified Organic mango butter and agave to give weightless bounce and soft, body.  


Feed your hair and see how a little love can go a long way to delivering your best looking, most hydrated hair yet.  

5 Amazing Benefits of Lemon for Your Lips! Yes! Lemon

Want to give your lips a lift?  Try using lip care with the amazing superpowers of lemon extracts to keep your pout pretty.  Here are the top five reasons to pucker up and say yes to Lemon lip balm.  


  1. Lemons are full of Vitamin C which is used to nourish, brighten and add clarity to skin which can reduce dullness and darkening of lips.   


  1. With high antioxidant levels, lemon extracts can help your lips stay luscious by preventing free radicals from damaging the collagen in your lips, keeping your pout plump and pretty.  


  1. With its high antiviral properties, lemon oil may help prevent unwanted cold sores from making an appearance.  Yes, please.  


  1. Keep things calm with lemon balm.  Lemon is often used as a calming herb, that soothes anxiety and helps to tone the nervous system.  


  1. Lemon is a mood booster.  The aromatherapy benefits of lemon flavor help enhance and uplift your spirits. It’s a happy scent that tastes delicious.  Win-Win! 

How Often Should You Change  Your Shower Loofah?

Do you know what’s lurking in your loofah?  The scary truth is that if you have a natural loofah and it’s been awhile since you’ve replaced it, there are likely loads of bacteria and possibly even some mold hiding in there.  Especially scary if you’re using it after you shave when there may be small cuts and pores are more open.  


Experts agree that you should replace your natural loofah roughly every 3-4 weeks.  If you want to try and extend that time, there are a few things you can do. First, don’t leave it in a wet, moist environment.  Instead, dry it between uses in a less humid area like an open window. You can also disinfect natural loofahs by soaking them in bleach once a week.  


The plastic loofah’s can be used for up to two months, but keep an eye out for signs of mold and toss it if you get a wiff of any musty or mildewy odor.

5 Benefits of Bamboo & Charcoal 

Charcoal and Bamboo don’t sound like the typical beauty product ingredients — even for men.  But when you get down to it, research is showing these ingredients are supercharged self-care enhancers and have recently shown up in everything from body washes to $100+ face creams.  


The potential health and beauty benefits of both Charcoal and Bamboo are lengthy so we’ve boiled it down to the top five biggest beauty-boosting benefits.  


  1. Charcoal is the ultimate deep cleanser. Charcoal penetrates the skin pulling out congestion that can cause enlarged pores, redness and contribute to dull, uneven skin tone.  It’s extremely effective at purifying the skin.  


  1. Charcoal is major detoxifier. Toxins actually bind to Charcoal drawing out bacteria, poisons, chemicals and other micro particles to the surface thus detoxifying skin, leaving you with a flawless complexion.  


  1. Bamboo is rich in natural silica, an ingredient that can help give your skin a radiant glow. Silica also aids in the production of collagen which firms your skin, giving it a more youthful bounce.  


  1. Bamboo extract also acts as a powerful antioxidant, which in turn helps keep your skin safe from damaging free radicals.


  1. Bamboo extract  is hydrating and has an anti-bacterial properties giving it the ability to heal skin.  

Want to give it a try? Our Raw Men Body Wash in Charcoal + Bamboo is detoxifying, deep cleansing and hydrating, made with plant-derived ingredients including Charcoal and Bamboo extracts.  Find it here.

Winter Wonder. How to keep your skin soft and glowing all season.

Winter is coming.  And though we won’t be fending off any White Walkers, we will be battling some seriously dry skin. Winter weather, heaters and the dry air can leave skin dry, itchy and flaky. So how do you get and keep a hydrated winter glow?  
We call it the Holy Trinity. Clean. Exfoliate. Hydrate. To cleanse, start with products that are gentle, contain natural, plant-derived ingredients and stay far away from anything with sulfates or parabens. You may even want to try a formula for sensitive skin during this time. Raw Sugar Green Tea, Cucumber + Aloe Vera Body Wash for Sensitive Skin is the perfect go-to. It’s extra gentle and moisturizes as it cleanses.  
Exfoliation is key to sloughing off the dry stuff so moisturizers can penetrate the skin. Raw Sugar Sugar Scrubs full of natural raw sugar and Cold Pressed enzyme-rich fruit oils gently exfoliate but don’t dry out skin. Instead, they leave a soft,  protective moisture veil so skin is left refreshed and glowing.  
The final step is hydration. In warmer months you might be able to get away with an every day light lotion, but now is the time to dig in to richer creams that nurture your skin with botanical extracts, vitamins and natural butters like Shea and Coconut. Raw Sugar Body Butters are the perfect texture and melt into skin with mood-boosting scents and plant-derived ingredients that are deeply nourishing and restorative.  
Winter is your time to shine.  Find all the products mentioned in this article HERE

Hair care That will Save Your Strands this Winter.

Winter is notoriously hard on your hair.  Between cold dry air and indoor heaters that suck the moisture from your hair, you have to work a little harder to keep your strands frizz-free, soft and silky.  


The first step is changing your shampoo and conditioner regimen to natural products that put moisture in through botanical extracts, essential oils and plant-derived ingredients.  Avoiding products with sulfates and parabens is key to keeping strands from becoming even more damaged from these harmful ingredients that may give a temporary silky feel, but ultimately dry out your hair, causing even more damage.  


Using a healing masque once a week to deeply nourish over-worked and dry hair will help with shine, strength and the appearance of visibly healthier strands as well.  It’s well worth the extra love to spend winter with bouncy, shiny, vibrant hair.


Find our Moisture Smoothie Shampoo, Conditioner and our Healing Masque HERE!


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