10 Hacks for Curly Hair That Actually Work

We can probably all agree that curly hair is absolutely fabulous, but as much as curly-haired girls love their ringlets, the upkeep is not as easy as it seems.


There are lots of unwritten rules about how to treat curls, and the hair commandments don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. Different types of curls need different types of care & then…. there’s the damage from the ironing, the blowing out & the gunky product.


Luckily, we’ve discovered 10 hacks that’ll tame those curls with minimal effort. Trust us, they’re foolproof.



  • Sleep With a Silk Pillowcase


Silk pillowcases have so many benefits. They’re great for your skin, and a dream for your hair. The fibers of the silk are much more gentle than those of your regular cotton pillowcase because they won’t rub and cause tension on your strands. And without friction, there’s no frizz. Voila.



  • Use Shampoo & Conditioner Specifically Made for Curls


Curls are unique, and they need special care without weighing them down. To give your locks the love they deserve, use products that are specifically designed to care for them, like our favorite  Raw Sugar’s Truly Unruly Shampoo and Conditioner



  • Apply Conditioner Properly


Been raking your conditioner through your hair? There’s a better way to do it so the moisture really sinks into your strands. Apply the conditioner from the middle of your hair to your ends, and press it in by squeezing it all the way through. Then, gently run your fingers through to detangle any knots. Always rinse with cold water to lock moisture in.



  • Trade in Your Towel For a T-Shirt


The fibers of a cotton t-shirt are far softer than those of a towel, therefore preventing frizz from forming. It’s such an easy swap but the difference is real.



  • Purchase a Detangling Brush




  • Brush Regularly & Properly


Whatever you do, do not brush your curls when it’s dry. Gently detangle then when still wet. Start from your ends and work your way up. Starting from the top is likely to result in breakage.



  • Sleep with a Topknot


Your curls go through a lot while you sleep. Save them the pain, and the tangles, by tying your hair up in a loose topknot. Make sure you use a scrunch, not a band, and fix any strands into place with bobby pins.



  • Use a Hair Diffuser


If there’s one tool you need in your arsenal, it’s a diffuser. Instead of blow-drying your hair, use a diffuser to minimize frizz and evenly distribute heat.



  • Brush With a Wide Toothed Comb


A brush will separate your strands and damage fragile curls. Opt for a wide-toothed comb instead. Or better yet, try combing through with just your fingers.



  • Humidify Your Home


Your environment has an impact on your hair. We all know what happens when it’s raining, right? A good humidifier will keep your hair from drying out and frizzing up.

7 Benefits of Lemon Water for Skin and Hair Health

Lemon water has become a true wellness staple. Some people religiously drink it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach as a healthy way to start the day, while others keep a big bottle of it on their desks to keep ‘em kicking through the workday.


Whether it’s consumed hot, cold, or with a squeeze of honey – lemon water has an impressive list of health benefits. Other than helping keep sugar cravings at bay and detoxing your body, lemon water is also a little miracle for skin.


We know that drinking water is a no-brainer for skin health. Add a spritz of lemon juice to the equation, and it reaches skin superhero status.


Naturally filled with potent and powerful antioxidants and vitamin C, lemon water is a friend to all skin ailments – from acne to premature wrinkles.  And guess what else majorly benefits from your daily glass of lemon water? Your hair.


Here are 7 beneficial ways these two humble ingredients boost the health of your skin and your strands.


  • It Slows Aging in its Tracks


Growing older is beautiful, and so are the smile marks that come with it. But sometimes, a girl just want to slow the process down a touch. Lemon is bursting with natural antioxidants, so it’s really good at taking on the free radicals that cause premature wrinkles.

With its high levels of vitamin C, lemon also has the power to repair damaged skin cells, and smooth out fine lines, blemishes, and deep furrows.


  1. It Helps Create Collagen Naturally

Collagen, found in our muscles, bones, and skin is what gives our complexions their youthful elasticity, brightness and bounce. Lemon water enters the equation here because it helps boost the production of collagen in your body, therefore speeding up the turnover of dead skin cells and making skin look more plump and vibrant.


  1. Fades Blemishes

As one of the body’s best detoxifiers, lemon is the MVP at purging toxins from your blood and liver – helping keep skin looking clear. With its potency of Vitamin C, lemon is incredible at rejuvenating skin from the inside out – stopping the development of age spots.


  1.   Lighten Pesky Acne Scars

As well as helping make sure you don’t get spots in the first place, lemon water has astringent properties – which help with the fading of acne marks that like to overstay their welcome.


  1.    Helps Hair Grow Longer Faster

Frustrated that your hair doesn’t want to move past a certain point? Lemon water can help. By improving the strength of your roots and follicles, it helps spur on and stimulate growth, naturally.


  1.       Treats Dry Scalp and Dandruff

The antioxidants in lemon are amazingly good for your scalp. If you drink lemon water regularly, it can help at treating dry scalp and can even permanently rid you of dandruff.


  1.          Prevents Overly Oily Hair

Good for both dry AND oily hair, lemon water works to decrease the secretion of sebaceous glands on your scalp – stopping the hair follicles from getting clogged, and therefore stopping your hair getting overly oily too quickly.


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Top 5 Health Benefits of Kombucha

If improving your gut health is on your to-do list, then hit your local store, grab a bottle of kombucha and sip your sins away.

Kombucha (pronounced kom-boo-cha, and affectionately known as ‘booch’) has become a staple in the fridges of wellness gurus and the fists of picnicking hipsters. Made from fermented tea, this magical health elixir has earned itself a sparkling reputation as a tonic that helps with everything from gut trouble and diabetes to depression, high cholesterol, and even cancer.

Before getting into the good things booch can do for your body, it’s good to understand exactly what it’s made from. Essentially, kombucha is a sweetened green or black tea that gets fermented using a culture known as a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) for one or two weeks.

When we actually unpack all the different components in the drink, there are some pretty promising health pros to this drink – the least of which being that you can now replace any sugary soft drinks with it and still get your dose of fizz!

Here are 5 great health benefits of the ever-wholesome booch:


It’s full of probiotics for your gut

Just like kimchi, sauerkraut and yoghurt – kombucha is full of probiotics which are the good bacteria that help your gut health thrive. This good bacteria works to aid immunity, digestion and balancing the bad bacteria we want to kindly leave our bodies.


Bye bye bad bacteria

On that note, booch also contains a property called acetic acid – an antimicrobial agent that’s found apple cider vinegar. This magic natural acid fights to get rid of bad bugs that enter our bodies throughout the day.


It has powerful antioxidants

Drinking green tea is one of the best things you can do for your body. Because it has bioactive compounds, such as polyphenols, it realises powerful antioxidants in the body. Kombucha that’s made from green tea retains a lot of the plant benefits of green tea, and therefore has much the same benefits.


Improves digestion

The wonderful mix of organic acids, enzymes, and probiotics in kombucha work to promote healthy digestion, and can even soothe an upset tummy.


It gives you more energy

Many people don’t know that kombucha actually contains small amounts of caffeine. But not only that, it also contains energizing B vitamins and iron, which ramps up hemoglobin in the blood, therefore increasing oxygen flow.

6 Things You Didn’t Know Pineapple Could Do For Your Skin

From pina coladas to pizza, and tropical juices to sorbets – pineapple has somehow found its way into our most beloved food and drinks.

What most people probably don’t realize as they sip on their happy hour cocktail is just how good pineapple is for you. Rich in vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants – pineapples help boost the immune system, form strong bones and assist with indigestion. They’re also a guilt-free sweet treat that’s super low in calories but high in deliciousness.

Another things pineapples are great for? Your skin.

Here are 6 things you didn’t know pineapple could do for your skin.


Keeps it looking youthful

Show the clock who’s boss with the incredible anti-aging properties of pineapple. Packed with antioxidants and alpha-hydroxy acids, the fruit is powerful in fighting skin-damaging free radicals – keeping wrinkles and pigmentation at bay. The Vitamin C in the fruit also helps in cell and tissue repair while boosting collagen production, meaning skin stays firm and youthful.


Fades dark spots

A key ingredient in pineapple is ascorbic acid, which is full of enzymes that break down dead skin cells on dark spots – helping minimise their appearance over time.


Natural exfoliator

Perhaps one of the most surprising skin benefits of pineapple is that it’s a powerful natural exfoliator. Super rich in AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) that exfoliate dead skin cells, applying the fruit to your skin gets rid of the old to let the new shine through – leaving skin looking bright and happy.


Clearer Skin

There’s a very special enzyme known as Bromelain in pineapple. Bromelain is good for all sorts of things, but it’s especially helpful if you experience acne or breakouts. It works to reduce chronic inflammation, a key driver of acne, and helps skin stay calmer, softer and smoother.


Minimizes Pores

Being a natural astringent, pineapple is a superhero toner – tightening your skin and minimizing your pores. The beauty of it is that it’s gentle and won’t be too harsh on your complexion.


Reduces Wrinkles and Warts

Applied directly onto your face, pineapple juice has the power to ward off moles, warts and wrinkles. If you have sensitive skin, not to worry — the vitamin C found in the summer fruit helps heal and soothe.

Take the 20 Day Mental Wellness Challenge

Life is busy. Life is stressful. And sometimes, life gets the better of us.

It’s completely normal to feel run-down, off-kilter, or overwhelmed – but that doesn’t mean you can’t be proactive and do something about it. When we’re not feeling our best, we owe it to ourselves to work on improving our mental wellbeing and fulfilling our potential.

Just like any other form of wellness, mental wellness can take a bit of work – it often means changing habits and implementing new routines.

If you think it’s time to hit refresh on your mental wellness, try our 20 day mental wellness challenge – it gives you one easy step to follow every day for 20 days to detoxify your mind and rejuvenate your spirit.

You ready? Here goes.



Take a nap

A quick 20 minutes is all you need to feel rejuvenated. If you can’t find a spot to have a power-nap during the day, then try going to bed 30 minutes earlier than you normally would.



Eat the rainbow

Make sure you’re getting at least five different-colored vegetables into yourself today –Try leafy greens, tomatoes, yellow bell peppers, purple cabbage, and carrots. Voila.



Write down 5 things you’re grateful for

Before bed, journal a list of five things you’re grateful for in life – it won’t take long, but it’s a great way to reflect.



Meditate for 20 minutes

If you find it hard to meditate on your own, download a great meditation app and be guided through a blissful 20 minutes.



Take a bath

Soak the day away with a luxurious bath. If you don’t have a tub at home, use an exfoliating scrub in the shower instead.


Take a walk in the outdoors

Clear your mind and re-energize your body with a scenic walk out in nature.



Go offline for the day

Social media is a wonderful tool for connecting with other people, but sometimes it can get a little much. Don’t look at your feed all day today and see how you feel at the end of it.



Call an old friend

Reconnect with someone you love but haven’t spoken to in a while and just feel your heart burst with joy.



Cook your favorite dinner… from scratch

Cooking can be incredibly therapeutic. Take the time to cook your favorite dish from scratch – it’s a great way to be present.


DAY 10

Do that thing you’ve been meaning to do

You know that thing you’ve been putting off for a while? Make the time to do it today, and feel the weight slip off your shoulders.


DAY 11

Declutter a messy part of your home

Or your desk, garage, or car. Clear space, clearer head.


DAY 12

Make a list of 5 long-term goals

What are the things you want to achieve in the future? Write them down, and then work towards them.


DAY 13

Make a list of 5 short-term goals

Your long-term goals should help inform your short-term goals, so now that you have those on paper – think about the nearer future, and what you want to do with it.


DAY 14

Pamper yourself

Whether it’s having a spa day, getting a pedicure, or simply taking some time to moisturize your body from head-to-toe – it’ll make you feel great both inside and out.


DAY 15

Give someone a compliment

It’s addictive, we promise.


DAY 16

Make a new playlist

Get crafty and curate a new list of songs to listen to for when you’re out walking, exercising, or doing chores.


DAY 17

Sort out some life admin

If you’ve had some life admin tasks hanging over your head, today is the day to sort (at least one of) them out.


DAY 18
Have a long conversation with someone

Talking it out is a great form of therapy. Find someone you trust and have a conversation about your life, your desires, goals, and dreams.


DAY 19

Refrain from complaining

Try not to complain about anything for a whole day. No ifs, ands or buts.


DAY 20

Have a dance

At a party, in front of the mirror, while cooking dinner – wherever you want to boogie, it doesn’t matter, because major endorphins will be released.

The 5 Best Products for Dry Skin

Does your dry skin need to be rescued? We’ve got you.

Dry, flaky skin is quite the dilemma. Sometimes it happens after exposure to cold, windy weather or dry air-conditioned workplaces. Other times, it creeps up when you least expect – in the middle of summer, on an otherwise well-hydrated face.

If you’re feeling the moisture being zapped out of your skin, a seriously hydrating skincare routine can save the day. Incorporating the right skin-feeding products into your skincare regimen can help minimize flaking and irritation, giving you a healthy glow all day long.

But not all moisturizers were created equal, so here are our 5 top products for healing dry skin.


Raw Sugar Moisture Loving Body Wash – Avocado + Cactus Pear

Well-hydrated skin starts with a moisturizing cleanser. Because they can so often be drying, and strip your skin of its natural moisture, you need one that has hydrating properties. This avocado + cactus pear dream team hydrates as well as it cleanses. The synergistic effects of the fruits together intensely nourish the skin – leaving you feeling fresher and smoother after every shower.


Raw Sugar Sugar Scrub – Pineapple + Maqui Berry + Coconut

Bid farewell to flakes and scales with this ultra-exfoliating scrub. Incredibly softening, this fruit-filled scrub is a delicious blend of hydrating coconut, pineapple, and antioxidant-rich maqui berry – working hard to slough off dull, dry, flaky skin, leaving you with a glow like never before.


Raw Sugar Simply Body Lotion – Raw Coconut + Mango

Thirsty skin needs a big, tall drink of this body lotion every day to stay well-hydrated and happy. A rejuvenating blend of raw coconut and mango, this bad boy infuses skin with weightless hydration and plant-derived nourishment. Enjoy how this enzyme-rich blend of Cold Pressed oils, healing Aloe Vera, and Certified Organic fruit oils feels on your skin – leaving it conditioned and quenched.


Raw Sugar Body Butter – Lemon Sugar

This is where hydration gets real. Body butters are rich in essential nutrients that nourish and feed the skin, and this little magician is a decadent combination of Cold Pressed essential oils – working to effectively heal dry skin and reveal a softer, brighter complexion. Super buttery, it’s a true hero in saving lackluster skin – and it smells like summer.


Raw Sugar Lip Scrub Raw – Coconut + Mango

Dry skin often means dry lips too. Don’t leave your pout behind, and instead awaken parched lips with this moisture-rich scrub. All-natural gentle sugar cane exfoliates, coconut hydrates, and Cold Pressed macadamia nut butter leaves dry, flaky lips renewed and pillowy soft again.

The 3 Lifestyle Habits Damaging Your Skin’s Collagen

Collagen is a crucial part of what makes your skin healthy and beautiful.

A protein made of amino acids, collagen helps maintain your skin’s firmness and suppleness – and ensures consistent renewal of skin cells.

Collagen has become a bit of a beauty buzzword. Lots of experts are vocal advocates of marine collagen and indigestible powder, and lots of wellness-aholics around the world have been adding it to their morning coffees for its multitude of health benefits.

But collagen isn’t just a trend, it’s a vital component of youthful-looking skin, healthy hair and strong nails.

As nature would have it, during the aging process, our body’s ability to make collagen decreases. Because of this, our skin starts to lose its elasticity, so we need to work a little harder to keep things looking firm and glowing.

While you can’t stop the aging process, you can help stop your skin’s collagen from experiencing unnecessary damage. There are some everyday lifestyle habits taking a toll on your skin’s collagen production without you even knowing it. But fret not, these are completely avoidable – and with a bit of effort, your skin’s collagen stores will be topped right back up.


Sun exposure

You’ve been told that spending lots of time in the sun is bad for you your whole life, we know. But it’s true, and extreme sun exposure is really bad for your skin. One of the effects of UV damage is that it causes collagen to break down at a faster rate than it would naturally – resulting in what we know as wrinkles. You also probably know that UV damage causes free radicals. These increase the amount of enzymes working to break down collagen – depleting it of plumpness.

While you can’t avoid the sun all together, you can take steps toward minimizing its damage on your skin. Make sure you wear a wide-brimmed hat when you’re out, and ensure you’re applying a minimum of SPF 30 to your skin.


Not eating your oranges

Or your broccoli, spinach, sweet potato, and tomatoes. What do all these foods have in common? They’re all very high in Vitamin C. Vitamin C, perhaps the most well-known of the vitamin family, is famous for its immune-boosting benefits. But Vitamin C is an absolute magician when it comes to stimulating collagen production, and fighting off the bad guys that want to break it down.

Your body has no way of producing Vitamin C by itself, so you have to incorporate lots of it into your diet. Eating foods like oranges and lemons, dark leafy greens like kale and red and yellow produce will ensure a diet high in Vitamin C.


Not enough sleep

Lack of sleep impacts lots of areas of your life (hello, fatigue!) – and one of them is that is compromises your immune system. A weak immune system has negative effects on the integrity and production of collagen – accelerating the signs of aging.

The answer is ensuring you get a solid sleep every night of the week, and making sure that you’re keeping your immune system happy with lots of vitamin-rich foods.


Top 7 Healthy Easter Egg Recipes

Easter is one of the most indulgent times of year, and we’re so here for it.

From edible bunnies to creamy Easter eggs, it’s all chocolate, sweetness, and good times. And while we love us a little bit of indulgence, there comes a point in life where you just want to have your cake and eat it too.

What we mean to say it that you can enjoy your yummy chocolate eggs without your healthy-eating habits taking a major hit.

We’ve scoured all corners of the web and found the most scrumptious healthy Easter egg recipes you can make for ultimate enjoyment and minimal guilt.

If you’ve got the time, and the sweet tooth, give these a crack:

6 Spring Beauty Must-Haves For Healthier Skin & Hair

Spring is a time for renewal. The sun comes out, flower trees blossom, and your skin emerges from a whole season of hibernation under chunky coats and fuzzy sweaters.

But now, with temperatures heating up, it’s time to get your glow back on, sugar. See this season as a fresh start; a time to kick off a healthier, more nourishing self-care routine.

To get you started, here’s a list of 6 must-have items to get your healthiest, glowiest skin and strongest, shiniest hair yet.


Bounce Back Shampoo + Conditioner

Ok, so this is technically two items, so we’re cheating a little bit – but they’re just too good to not include them both. Spring is the perfect to time to Bounce Back – in your life, and your hair. A natural blend of Mango Butter + Agave + Carrot Oil, this set will bring life back into your hair; delivering weightless bounce, soft body, and beautifully hydrated locks.


Raw Boost

We’ve packed this hair hero with Coconut + Soy Protein to restore hair breakage and give you ultimate shine! Reverse any damage the cold weather did to your hair with this quick, convenient, leave-in treatment. It’s made to prevent further damage and keep your tresses looking luscious.


Moisture Loving Body Wash

Want your skin to smell like summer, even though it’s only just spring? Bathe your skin with our uplifting Watermelon + Fresh Mint Moisture Loving Body Wash for a luscious treat that will uplift just as well as it will hydrate. Get dry winter skin back to itself smooth self with this super juicy body wash. It won’t dry out your skin, but it will keep you clean from head to toe.


Sugar Scrub

What’s a sugar without her Sugar Scrub? Buff, polish and kick dead skin cells to the curb with this ultra renewing bad boy. A vibrant blend of sugar and stimulating Cold Pressed Lemon peel oil, this scrub will be out with the old and in with the new – so you can bask in enjoying your newly supple, silky-smooth, invigorated skin.  


Bath Fizzers

Drop, pop and fizz – then watch, and feel, the magic happen. Our Raw Coconut + Mango fizzers will soak away stress and tension at the end of a long day, leaving you feeling revived and ready to take on the new season. Enriched with vitamin E, Certified Organic mango, coconut, ginger and sunflower seed oils – this fizzer nourishes your skin just as much as it soothes your mind.


Simply Body Lotion

Top it all off with our Simply Body Lotion in Lemon Sugar – carefully crafted to restore hydration to thirsty skin. Invigorating your skin with plant-derived nourishment, this lotion softens your complexion with a healthy blend of Cold Pressed oils and healing Aloe Vera extract – leaving it brighter, bouncier, and incredibly well-moisturized.

The 5 Plants you Need for a Healthier Spring

Crazy plant lady? So are we. With their décor-boosting, room-lifting benefits – plants are the new art, and there’s no shame in hoarding them.


The thing is, if you’re anything like us, you’ve probably been shopping for your houseplants based on the way they look and what their maintenance requirements are. That’s why so many of us have fiddle leaf figs, they’re majestic to look at – and they barely need watering. It’s a win-win.


While those factors are still good to keep in mind, plants can have other, better, benefits: health benefits.


Your environment has an impact on your health just like your diet and exercise does, and plants can have major effects on your mood, your stress levels, your sleep quality and even your breathing.


Plants thrive in Spring, even when they’re indoors. If you put them in a sunny spot and give them the care they need, they’ll flourish. We’ve rallied up the 5 plants that are both good to look at, and good for you


English Ivy

Add some sweet rustic charm to your home with English Ivy. Not only is it reminiscent of days gone by, keeping it indoors means you’re unleashing its powers in purifying the air in your home. According to Allergy and Air, English Ivy is particularly good at absorbing mold in the air – giving you a cleaner, healthier environment at home. These plants enjoy a bit of sunshine and slightly dry soil, so keep it in view of a window.


Spider Plant

The spider plant’s superpower lies in its ability to remove formaldehyde from the air. Formaldehyde is a gas that comes from everyday things you bring into your home: paper bags, waxed papers, facial tissues and more. But that’s not all. Snake plants also help rid your home of carbon monoxide and other toxic air impurities.

These guys are pretty low-maintenance and don’t need watering often – just often enough to keep their soil slightly moist.


Boston Fern

They’re pretty, and they’re pretty good at keeping the air in your home clean. Boston plants are incredibly powerful in purifying air. In fact, they’re ranked in NASA’s list of air-purifying plants for their strength in removing compounds like formaldehyde, plastics, or cigarette smoke from the air, according to SF Gate.


Snake Plant

The beauty of the snake plant is that it absorbs CO2 and converts it into oxygen, allowing you to breathe easier. The best place for them is in the bedroom because they work at improving the air quality as you sleep. They’re also very good at removing a variety of toxic substances from the air inside your home. Another low-maintenance plant, the snake plant doesn’t need much attention – just a little bit of love.



Ah, lovely lavender. With its instantly recognisable aroma, lavender is a very effective stress-reliever with wonderful mental health benefits. If your lavender plant is in your bedroom, it could help you nod off easier. No matter where it is in your home, catching a whiff of lavender will help soothe restlessness, nervousness, anxiety, depression and insomnia.

A little Raw Sugar Love

Crafted and produced in sunny SoCal, Raw Sugar Living is a natural lifestyle brand on a mission to promote clean and healthy living through products that are good for the body and nourish the soul.

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