Smooth Hair Remedy Here: Frizz-Taming Must Haves

If you’re feeling like you’re losing the fight against the frizz, its key to understand what causes it so you can choose products that help tame your mane.


Frizzy hair happens when your hair cuticles are rough and hair is dry and void of natural oils.  That’s why its key to avoid sulfates in shampoo that strip hair of natural oils. Other things to avoid; over-styling, rough towel drying, over-brushing and even washing with extra hot water.  


Here are some frizzy hair must-haves for better, smoother, sleeker hair days ahead.  


The Moisture Smoothie Shampoo + Conditioner:  Dehydrated locks drink in this strengthening shampoo smoothie formulated with Cold Pressed Coconut + Agave + Sweet Almond Milk that smooths, shines and gives hair a surge of moisturizing nutrients.  


The Truly Unruly Shampoo + Conditioner:   Perfect for curly hair.  This deeply cleansing and conditioning combo works without any unnecessary ingredients that weigh curls down. Fortified with rich Avocado, cleansing Apple Cider Vinegar, and healing Rosemary Oil to define curls and tame frizz.


Raw Boost: An amazing leave-in treatment boost with Soy Protein for shine and Certified Organic Coconut Oil to restore hair breakage.  It seals in moisture, adds body and leaves hair with a glossy, silky finish. Buh-Bye frizzy locks. Hello, natural bounce.  


Healing  Power Hair Masque: When overworked and color treated hair is need of extra repair, this treatment masque heals and repairs with Avocado + Banana Oil + Coconut Milk + Agave to leave hair shinier, stronger and visibly more healthy.  

Ten tips to keep your skin clean, clear and healthy

Let’s just skip the intro and get right to the top 10 things you can do to keep your skin vibrant, clear and healthy at any age. Because really, all we want is to love the skin we’re in. 


1.Exfoliate. Use a gentle scrub for your skin, and your lips, to slough off dead skin cells that cause dull, flaky skin and clog pores.  Products that contain Hyaluronic Acids also help give you that lit from within look.  


2. Hydrate.  Drink water. Use products that are rich in hydrating essential oils. And drink more water. ; } 


3. Moisturize.  Have you ever accidentally forgotten to put moisturizer on after a shower?  No bueno. Moisturizers that deliver essential oils, fruit extracts and Aloe Vera will heal, protect and hydrate thirsty (aka; parched and wrinkled) skin. 


4. Keep it clean. We mean wash up regularly and avoid spreading bacteria by keeping hands especially clean. Make sure you use products that are gentle on your skin and full of nourishing plant-based ingredients. 


5. Take a probiotic. What is happening in your gut is going to show up on your skin. Period. End of story. Taking a probiotic will help achieve gut balance which can clear up skin with fast results.  


6. Don’t smoke. Smoking is very high on the list of what causes those small, fine wrinkles that are hard to disguise.  Smoking narrows the tiny blood vessels in the outermost layers of skin, which decreases blood flow and makes skin paler. It also depletes the skin of oxygen and nutrients that are important to skin health and damages collagen and elastin.  Put down the smokes and your skin will love you for it.  


7. Manage Stress. Stress is not just an inflammation trigger, but it shows up in your skin by way of breakouts, rashes and other problems. Really take a look at ways you can reduce your biggest stressors and the results that show up on your face might be more dramatic than you expect.  


8. Avoid sunburns and long sun exposure. Even if you don’t see immediate damage, the UV rays will damage skin on a deep level and show up as wrinkles, brown spots and possibly even cause skin cancer. If you enjoy the sun, take early morning walks or head outdoors in the late afternoon when the sun’s rays aren’t so intense. 


9. Avoid sugar. Excess processed sugar in your diet, even in small amounts can cause dark circles, wrinkles, dehydrate skin and can fast track the aging process. 


10. Sleep. A good night’s sleep can make you look years younger. Yes, YEARS. It’s transformative for your skin, your mood, energy, weight maintenance and focus.  Sleep is literally your best beauty weapon. Dream on!

Find out how scents can make you more productive

We’ve all walked into a bakery or a store and had a smell trigger a pleasant memory or transport us back in time.  But what about smell in relation to making you feel better, work harder or just being more productive?  


Studies have found that certain smells can have an invigorating or energizing effect on you, particularly scents packed with Vitamin C.  


Hello,  Lemon Sugar.  Pass the Pineapple + Maqui Berry + Coconut, please. And give me all the Raw Coconut + Mango.  


Scents with Vitamin C give you a positive uplift and can help you focus your energy, making your day brighter and your to do list a no-brainer while vanilla boosts feelings of well being and joy.   


Lemon has a special ability to promote concentration and clarity that are helpful when you’re feeling sluggish or out of sorts.  In other words, our Lemon Sugar scent is a lift for your soul and your brain and may even help boost the body’s immune system. 


Mint (think Watermelon + Mint) not only helps with focus, but invigorates your mind and promotes clear thinking.


Scents are a powerful tool in keeping you focused, healthy and productive. Try all our scents and see how good you feel.  It’s not just smell, it’s actually brain science.

5 ways to boost your self confidence

Lets face it. Confidence is sexy.  We admire people that have it and we all want more of it.  We’re talking about the kind of confidence that is self-assured, self-aware, unintimidated, doesn’t try to impress and lives without fear and negative talk.  So how do we get more of it? How do you cultivate confidence and inner strength?   


Understand that no-one is perfect.  Even people that you think are perfect are not.   Everyone struggles with something. Start seeing yourself as equal to others and not less than.  It is what you do with what you have everyday that makes you who you are.  


Gain knowledge or get good at something.  

Challenging yourself by learning something new or committing to knowing more about a particular subject, or doing one thing really well.  Becoming good at something makes you interesting and being interesting boosts confidence.  


Silence your inner critic.  The first step toward self confidence is self love.  This is huge because it’s something most people don’t even realize they’re doing.  Even positive thinkers can walk around criticizing themselves all day long and it’s one of the most destructive barriers to self confidence. 


Pay attention to the thoughts you’re having. Just observe and listen to yourself.  Then question every thought. Is that true or is that a habitual reaction — then, reject the negative self talk. Truly reject it by saying I reject that thought — “I’m not stupid, I just wasn’t paying attention.”  Or “I’m not a loser, but I am overcommitting and neglecting to pay attention.” Or “I’m not fat, I have strong arms to carry my babies and legs that I can use everyday to take me places.“ Replacing negative talk with positive thoughts or solutions is key. 


Move.  When we are stagnant and unmoving, we don’t get the body confidence that comes from being strong and capable.  This doesn’t mean you have to run a marathon or become a body builder — just move. Whether its walking, dancing, running, yoga, stretching, taking the stairs, becoming stronger and allowing your body to perform increases confidence.  


Affirm yourself.  Affirmations are positive and uplifting statements that we say to ourselves. We tend to believe what we tell ourselves constantly, whether positive or negative.  Make sure you’re affirming yourself and envisioning the confident person you want to become.  


Care for yourself.  This quote says it all; “Self-care is never a selfish act — it is simply good stewardship of the only gift I have, the gift I was put on earth to offer to others.” — Parker Palmer


Self-confidence depends on a combination of good physical care, emotional health and social fulfillment. It is hard to feel good about yourself if you are not taking care of yourself.   Make time to shower, spend an extra few minutes lovingly massaging a rich, beautiful smelling lotion in to your body, try new products that nurture you and uplift you, get sleep, dress in something you’re proud of and build your self-confidence by making the effort to look after your own needs.


Lastly, set yourself up to win.  Make small goals and keep track of your wins.  Your confidence will begin to creep in every day you are aware of what is derailing your confidence and every day you do something good for yourself or someone else.  You got this!

7 best self care practises you need to introduce to your life right now

Sugar, you may already know that you are the only one that can control your environment and what you allow in your life. That premise is what sparked the whole self-care movement. The realization that there are things you can do every day — both mentally and physically — to promote a sense of greater well being in your life.  


So what are some simple things that promote a more peaceful, loving relationship with yourself and in turn creates a more positive life for those around you?  Here are seven simple ideas to start you on your self care journey.  



  1. Practice gratitude.  Starting a daily gratitude journal or a morning meditative practice where you think of all the things you’re grateful will nurture a deep sense of well being in your life.  Not only that, the more gratitude you show and practice, the more things that come in to your life that you’ll be grateful for. You’ll attract an avalanche of abundance.

  2. Draw your boundaries like a [email protected]&8$# f-er.  Yep. Said it. Not taking it back.  Protecting your boundaries simply means learning to say NO to things you commit to that drain your energy.  You don’t have to accept every invitation. Be honest with yourself and look at what drains your emotional bank and what fills it up.  Are there things you need to let go of? Overcommitting, being sleep deprived and constantly busy are not badges of honor. They are a symptom of a person that is not protecting their emotional well being. 



  1. Sleep! Being sleep deprived affects your mood, your productivity, your focus, your memory, your food cravings — literally every aspect of your being. Making sleep a priority in your life will affect you profoundly. Creating a peaceful environment and regulating the time you go to bed and wake up every day is a good place to begin your new state of restfulness.   


  1. Move.  However you want and whatever you like to do — just move your body.  Dance in the kitchen. Walk barefoot on the beach. Adopt a morning stretch or yoga routine.  The key to moving and self care is that if your body isn’t strong enough as you age to handle the everyday demands, then you’ll feel it emotionally as well.  When you move you strengthen your body, mind and spirit. 


  1. Create a morning ritual that nurtures your body and feeds your soul.   Take 10 minutes to yourself to care for your body.  Cleanse then moisturize to start detoxing on a cellular level and nourishing your skin. Treat yourself to a face oil and spend a full minute massaging in to your face. Use a body wash that smells uplifting and fresh.  Caring for your body sparks feelings of love and nurturing rather than the self criticism that seems to be our default.  


  1. Unplug.  Whether it is for a day, an hour or while you take a long, warm bath. Turn off the phone, put down the laptop and just be. The freedom from being unavailable for a period of time allows you to get out of “reactive mode” to focus and be in touch with your own ideas, desires and needs.  


  1. Do something new.   Have you ever wanted to try reiki, sample a new type of cuisine or stand up paddle board?  Maybe you’d like to take a dance class or hike to the Hollywood sign or ride a horse on the beach.  The point is that trying new things inspires joyful living. Get out there and expand your horizons.  The more experiences you have in life, the more you have to contribute.  


Self care will never happen unless you intentionally make space for it. It’s not selfish.  It’s the only way to truly live your best life and be your best for the people you love.  

Determine your daily Fall skin routine now

We’ve waved goodbye to the good vibes of summer so your skin may start to feel a little drier and maybe even itchy and irritated. Skin reacts to the environment so as fall arrives, we need to look at our skincare routine and make adjustments now to keep skin and hair soft, supple and protected in the cooler, drier weather ahead.  Here are a few fall beauty hacks that may help.  


Consider a thicker moisturizer.  You need to pick the right products for the right time and weather.  Light hydration may be perfect for sweat-prone summer skin, but when fall arrives, a more luxurious body butter may be exactly what you need to hydrate, deeply nourish and form a layer of protection against dry air.   


Exfoliate, but do it gently.  You want to keep up an exfoliation regime in fall but using a product full of hydrating essential oils is key to reducing irritation.  The Raw Sugar Sugar Scrubs are full of Cold Pressed enzyme-rich fruit oils that gently exfoliate but leave a soft protective moisture veil so skin is left glowing and revived rather than exfoliated and dry.  


Add Vitamin C products to your routine.  Vitamin C not only helps protect skin from free radicals, it evens out skin pigmentation, which helps to boost collagen production resulting in a brighter, happier skin. 


Add a weekly hair masque.  Hair gets just as dry as skin in autumn and winter months so adding a restorative hair masque once a week will help repair damage that dry weather does to  keep your hair soft, shiny, bouncy and beautiful.  


Buy a humidifier.  Especially if you’re running a heater in the house or office, a humidifier will help keep skin from drying out while you work or sleep. Basically, the more moisture in the air, the more moisture in your skin. 


How often should you change your hair care routine

We’ve all heard the myth that your shampoo stops working after awhile.  But does it really? The answer is no. Switching just to switch isn’t a thing.   The reasons you may need to change up your hair care routine has more to do with lifestyle and environment than individual product use.  


So when do you need to evaluate your hair care routine?  Here are a few guidelines.  

Seasons + Environment.  When the seasons change, it’s a good idea to evaluate if your hair’s needs have changed.  In colder, dryer months, you may want to add a hair masque to your routine. During summer months, you may want something lighter and gentler since you probably wash more often. 


Diet + Aging. Other reasons to evaluate your hair care include diet and aging.  If your diet has plenty of healthy food fats you may need less oils in your conditioner.  As you age, your hair needs definitely change as the texture and fullness change.   


Over-processing, and Medical Treatments. Hair that’s over processed or mature may become brittle and  it needs something extra to help restore its intrinsic strength and make it appear fuller. Hair that’s been damaged by heat, over-processing, or even intense medical treatments like chemotherapy or radiation can benefit from extra attention and the inclusion of reparative treatments in your routine as well. 


The best guideline of all is you.  How do you think your hair looks? If it is shiny and healthy and responding well, there’s no need to make a change just for the sake of change.

5 health benefits of adding Yoga to your morning routine

Making a decision to add yoga to your morning routine may seem counterintuitive if you’re a busy person, but it actually adds time to your day by helping you become more focused and present. In fact, the way you start your morning has a huge impact on your mood, productivity and happiness for the entire day.  


Substitute a few minutes of yoga for checking email or social media and you’ll no doubt see positive changes in all areas of your life.  The benefits are far reaching both physically and mentally.  


  1. Improved Focus + Mental Clarity.  Yoga helps you learn to bring your breath under control and teaches stillness in the mind which allows you to learn a deeper level of focus that benefits concentration and both task and time management.  


  1. Energy Boost.  After starting your day with a yoga session, you may even find yourself foregoing your cappuccino habit.  Moving your body means you’re oxygenating cells and when that happens, your whole body reinvigorates.  


  1. Reduces Stress + Anxiety Levels.  With more oxygen pumping and a more focused mind, you’ll automatically feel more relaxed.  Yoga breathing also helps calm nerves and release blocked and anxious energy in your body. The mindful approach to yoga also helps you become less reactive in general. 


  1. Increased Strength + Flexibility.  Yoga lengthens and stretches our tight bodies, and when done in the morning, prepares you to move throughout the day, helping to prevent injury and stiffness. It increases spinal flexibility, promotes better posture and uses our own body weight to increase muscle tone which also helps boost metabolism.    


  1. Helps Sleep Rhythm & Balance Hormones

 The attention to breathing and meditation has a positive effect on the endocrine system, which is responsible for long-term body maintenance. The endocrine system uses glands and hormones, to help keep you balanced. Certain yoga poses stimulate the pineal gland which excretes melatonin that regulates sleep patterns.


From mood to muscle tone, there are so many reasons to become a morning person and a yogi! Namaste! 

 How to Prep your skin for Fall 

Now that pumpkin-spice-everything season is here, it’s time to think about transitioning your skin from summer maintenance to fall care.  


The change in weather can have drastic effects on your skin, with the main culprit being the drier, cooler air.   The most important thing you can do now is start an exfoliation regime. And we mean exfoliate everything — body, lips, face, toes.  If you keep up with exfoliation, you have a better shot at keeping the dry, dead skin from appearing that causes instant dullness. And we know you’re not dull. In fact, you were meant to shine.  


Dry brushing is a technique you should take part in every morning if possible. It has amazing detox health benefits as well as helping to slough off dry, dead skin cells.   But be gentle. Extra bonus points if you do it while thinking loving, kind thoughts to yourself. 


In the shower be sure to use one of our gentle Sugar Scrubs to hydrate, nourish, exfoliate and leave skin with a supple, smooth, silky feel. 


In dryer months, our body butter is pure bliss for your skin.  It’s rich, luxurious texture sinks in to the skin beautifully, leaving dry, thirsty skin quenched and you feeling extra pampered.  


For hair care, add our Healing Power Hair Masque to your routine for some extra hydration and protection against that crisp fall air that can leave hair feeling dry and lifeless.  


Lips show signs of seasons change almost instantly so keep our natural Lip Balm in your purse, your car and your bath area so wherever you are you can swipe on the healing, hydrating and protective benefits of our 95% organic formulas.  


Your Fall just got more beautiful with a little extra Raw Lovin and thoughtful care.  

Your self-tan superhero. How our Sugar Scrub can help you master your Self-tan game!

Summer is gone and you’re glowing, tan is waving goodbye as well.

If you’re thinking of self-tanning to keep your summer shine through the fall and winter months, we’ve got your secret weapon to make whatever tanner you use the slide on smoothly and evenly.  


The key to any good self-tan is exfoliation!  Our gentle Sugar Scrub is just the ticket to help you smooth rough patches and give you a soft, silky, supple base for your self-tanner.  


Shave the day before you self tan, otherwise, self-tanner can get locked into hair follicles.  Then use our gentle Sugar Scrub in your favorite fresh scent from toes to neck paying special attention to the rougher skin patches like the tops of your toes, knees, ankles, and elbows.  


Use it regularly and your skin will feel soft, smooth, hydrated and prepped for your just back from the Bahamas glow.  Happy tanning!

A little Raw Sugar Love

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