The focus on the health of our planet has never been greater. Between fires raging, animals on the verge of extinction, rainforest devastation and a vortex of over 1.8 trillion plastic pieces floating between California and Hawaii, the enormity of the situation and lack of solutions can feel overwhelming. The question becomes what can we do as individuals and how can we empower ourselves to help while living our day to day? With the idea that small consistent action produces epic results, what if we did one thing, consistently to be part of the solution? And, what if we got healthy while we were doing our part to keep the planet healthy?  


Some creative souls from around the globe have come up with ingenious ways to save the planet while getting in shape. Here are a few that are currently trending.  


Plogging: Plogging is really jogging, and picking up litter while you’re doing it. The trend started in Sweden and has since gone global. People have been seen Plogging in Southeast Asia, Japan and other countries around the globe. Why not start a Plogging group in your neighborhood?  


Strawkling: Strawkling is basically the act of snorkeling or diving while picking up plastic straws, bags and even discarded fishing lines that are causing so much harm to our sea life. Any plastic we can get out of our oceans and keep away from sea life is a big deal. If you’re a diver or snorkeler, starting a monthly clean up with your snorkeling or diving buddies could have a big impact.  


#TrashTag Movement: The #TrashTag movement is a social media effort to encourage picking up trash. Sharing it on social media will hopefully create a domino affect and inspire others to do the same. Way better than sharing pics of what you had for #dinner.  


Green Gym Movement: The Green Gym movement is a conservation effort for people who love to work outdoors and in nature. Green Gymers help trim trees and prune bushes in public parks, donating some free time to help the environment thrive.  


The scary fact is that by 2050, experts believe that there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. Anything you can do to help keep our planet healthy while you get yourself healthy is a major step, swim or dive in the right direction.