Over 11 million bars of soap donated to those in need.

The motto at Raw Sugar HQ is “lead with love.”  And love is how the company began… it was founded by partners in business — and in love —  Ronnie Shugar and Donda Mullis.  From day one, Raw Sugar was created as a brand with heart with the goal of making healthy, clean living products available to the mainstream.   This founding principle of leading with love was the catalyst for the Raw Sugar Initiative, our social give back, inspired by the belief that all people have the right to clean healthy living, regardless of social or economic background.  If you’ve ever purchased any Raw Sugar product, you’ve been a part of the love — and the giving.


For every product sold, Raw Sugar Living donates 1 bar of soap for families in need, up to 5 million bars yearly. So every time you buy, we give.  So far, we have donated over 11 million bars of soap… and counting. We are filled with gratitude that you are on this journey of love and kindness with us.  It’s never been more important to pitch in.


During the pandemic, we’ve gone to great lengths to step up our production to keep Hand Wash and Hand Sanitizer stocked in your local stores, and we continue to  work with, and donate product to Direct Relief, a humanitarian aid organization that is supporting our front line, essential workers and those most in need during this crisis.   We all walk this world together and we are just so thankful that through our Raw Sugar Initiative, you walk with us hand-in-hand.   Here’s to 11 million and 11 million more…