Drinking water is life. During hot summer days, downing enough water is a no-brainer, but when the temperature drops, that glass of H20 is suddenly less appealing. In fact, research suggests people are actually 40% less thirsty during winter months even though the amount of water our body needs on a daily basis doesn’t change.  


Dehydration is a dangerous and common health issue so as the temps drop, keep that reusable water bottle handy. Here are a few other tips to help stay healthy and hydrated in the cooler months.  


  • If you don’t want cool water, drink a warm, non-caffeinated drink such as hot tea to help keep your liquid intake up.  
  • Cut back on drinks that are diuretics like coffee and alcohol.  
  • Eat your fluids. Raw fruits and veggies have a high water content so upping your intake can help.  
  • Drink light soups, broth or fruit or veggie infused waters to keep the flavor high and calories low.  
  • Know the warning signs. If your urine is light, you’re probably sufficiently hydrated. If its dark, time to ramp up your H20 intake.