With only a few more sweet, wave-crashing weeks of summer left, more and more people are trying to squeeze in and maximize family and friend time in the great outdoors. Although many of us may not be the outdoor type, there are other perfect alternatives to get everyone excited to get outdoors! Summer Glamping – It’s camping, without the mosquitos, waste buckets and wet towelette showers. Want to find out more? Read on- you’ll love it!

What is it?


Summer glamping is just that. Camping done in style. Think comfy throws, romanticized teepees/state of the art RVs, comfortable bedding and even air conditioning! The possibilities of Glamping are endless. Think of your dream accommodation…and set the location for outdoors. On a mountaintop, in a rainforest, or under a star-studded night sky…The possibilities are endless!  

When to do it


With summer coming to an end, there’s never been a better time to gather the gang and get together for a weekend getaway of glamping. Soak in the long sunsets and clear blue skies for one last time. Plus, to top it all off, since most glamping facilities offer so many amenities, there will be no excuses for anyone who says they aren’t the outdoor type – No excuses!

Who to do it With


The best thing about Glamping is that it really is for everyone! Go on a family bonding experience that mum and dad will love just as much as the kids! Rally together a group of girlfriends for a relaxing weekend away, where a glass or two will definitely go hand in hand with the amazing setting that is offered. You can even make it a romantic escape for you and your partner…Whatever social setting you seek, glamping sets just the right modern atmosphere with nature’s beauty on display.

Where is it?


The beauty about Glamping is that you will most definitely be in an amazing location that can be located just about anywhere! The perfect excuse to relax and unwind PLUS spend time with loved ones; There’s no better way to wrap up another summer season. Sign us up!