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If you’re yet to discover the joy of bath fizzers, you’re in for a super sweet treat.

Our little sugar cubes of love, as we like to call them at Raw Sugar, are launching in a few days – and we are just BUBBLING with excitement.

Raw Sugar Cube Bath Fizzers in Pineapple + Macqui Berry + Coconut AND our classic combo of Raw Coconut + Mango, are about to hit the streets (and, er, your baths). Each infused with 12 essential oils and extracts for pure skin radiance, our bath fizzers are going to soak your skin in love.

So what exactly IS a bath fizzer, you ask? It’s a little square bomb that fizzes and releases oils, aromas and nutrients when you drop them into your bath.

The beauty of a fizzer lies in the fact that your body gets a wonderful cleanse without the manual scrubbing and slathering that goes on in the shower. But fizzers are also powerful for unwinding the mind and allowing your senses to indulge in a wondrous state of bathtime relaxation and pleasure.

And that’s not even the tip of the iceberg. Here are 3 major reasons you need Raw Sugar’s brand new bath bombs in your life… pronto.

1. The chill factor

Picture this: the dim light of a candle, your favorite mellow tunes playing in the background, the intensely beautiful aromas of your bath fizzer, and your tired skin soaking in its detoxifying vitamins and brilliant blend of essential oils. Sounds like heaven right? That’s because it is. Nothing chills you out quite like a warm bath at home – and when you add the goodness of our bath fizzers to the scene, stuff gets pretty delightful pretty quick. Warning: you’ll want one every night. Don’t say we didn’t tell you.

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2. They saturate your skin in goodness

Our bath fizzers aren’t like any ordinary bath fizzers. They’re crafted with natural ingredients that worship your skin and treat you like the goddess that, quite frankly, we know you are. With good stuff like Dead Sea Salt and Kaolin Clay working to detoxify your pores, and Lavender and Sea Kelp helping to purify – these little cubes of love are enriched with skin-loving magic, taken straight from mother nature. You’ll feel nourished, rejuvenated and renewed – and doesn’t that sound nice?

3. They’re FUN!

Bath time hasn’t been this playful since the days of rubber duckies and tot-sized sailboats. There’s something to be said about the simple pleasure of the pop, fizz, soak that comes with our little love cubes – and they definitely add a new level of excitement to Sunday nights at home. And that scent? It’s joyful enough to make you want to call your ex and ask him how his mom is doing. But don’t do that. Definitely don’t do that.

Now, what are you waiting for? Your bath is calling.

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