Going on vacay? Keep your skin glowing in the tropics!


Ahhh, a tropical vacation.

Nothing makes us feel as connected to Mother Nature as a swim beneath the sea, peeking glimpses at little schools of fish and navigating our way through the coral.

While swimsuits, sunglasses, and sandals are obvious must-packs – there’s a little more to think about in terms of your off-duty beauty regimen. Salt water can be beautifully rejuvenating for your skin – but coupled with sunshine, it can also dry you out. With a tiny bit of extra effort, you can keep your skin looking nourished and glowing in any kind of weather.


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Don’t be a scrooge on the SPF

Most tropical vacays involve a little bit of sun worshipping – so you’re going to need a pack a little ammunition. A powerful SPF will help see you through all your outdoor activities, no matter the temperature. A strong 50+ is necessary, and try to look for one that’s non-greasy to avoid any potential breakouts.

Nourishing lip balm

Something all beauty gurus will tell you about your week beneath the palms? Do not neglect your lips. Your lips can burn just as easily as your cheeks, so make sure you have a moisturizing, SPF lip balm on hand at all times. Re-apply after every meal, swim, and cocktail. No compromise.

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Butter me up!

Just like your sun-care regimen, you will need to keep on top of your daily body moisture routine. The salt, sun and fun will inevitably dry out your skin, so make sure you lather on a rich, vitamin-packed body butter after every shower or bath (See Raw Sugar’s range of body butters here). This is your number one tool in keeping skin looking lovely and dewy.

Healing aloe vera gel

If, somehow, you do end up with a little bit of sunburn – don’t be alarmed. You don’t have to suffer through a series of painful, sleepless nights and even more painful showers – aloe vera is here to help. An aloe vera gel will help cool and soothe the skin so you don’t have that burning sensation hanging over your head like a dark could on your sunny holiday. 

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Don’t forget about H2o!

But, wait, isn’t it humid on tropical islands? Yes it is, but because you’ll be out in the sun all day and most likely enjoying a few cocktails – your body will get dehydrated… fast. And we know that dehydration is the fastest way to harm your skin. Keep hydrated by always having a big bottle of water handy – and remember, drink a big glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you consume.

Now that you’re good to go… enjoy your trip!


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Uh-oh. You’ve done it again. You swore you’d do all your Christmas shopping in November in order to avoid the last-minute panic, but, alas – it’s now December and there’s not a single gift in sight.

Rest assured, we’ve all been there. In fact, we’ve been there so many times we consider ourselves experts in the field of last-minute gift shopping. We’ve used our extensive experience and put it to good use, compiling a list of excellent last-minute Christmas gifts that don’t involve you rushing down to the mall and picking up whatever’s left on the shelves.

What it does involve is a little light reading, the click of a couple buttons, then taking a big nap as a reward for being so very resourceful.

Without further ado…



Coffee table books, adult colouring books, or just a plain ol’ novel – whoever you’re buying for, we guarantee there’s a kind of book they’ll love. And they great thing is, books never go out of style – nor do they sell out. You can even get them online for ultimate ease.


Isn’t it nice when someone else does all the hard work for you? Gift boxes are not only super cute, they’re also super convenient. Get one they’ll really get some use out of – like Raw Sugar’s Christmas Gift Box. It’s full of #rawlovin goodies that your friends will love – and that you’ll feel great about giving. Remember, our products are natural, cruelty-free, eco-friendly and ColdPressed® to seal in spades of delicious fruit nutrients. The perfect gift – available at your nearest Target.

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Great gifts don’t have to break the bank. Do-it-yourself art or craft is the perfect way to personalize a meaningful gift. We love the idea of printing the covers of your loved ones’ favorite books, and arranging them in a frame to be hung on the wall. Or, you could do a watercolor painting, sketch, or just scour Pinterest for DIY craft ideas.

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Why not make a batch of Christmas-themed bliss balls as a guilt-free gift for your friends? Find your favorite recipe online and then roll them in some festive add-ons – like pistachios and goji berries for a delicious green and red, Christmassy concoction you’d be crazy not to love.



Does someone you know love a certain magazine? Buying them an annual subscription as a gift is a great way to get them something they’ll really use. The best part? It’s instant! The subscription voucher will be ready to print and use immediately. Perfect for those of us who may or may not leave Christmas gifting to the night before. Oops.

10 easy ways to give back this holiday season

Now that the holidays are upon, ’tis the season for taking a step back, getting cozy in a lounge chair, and indulging in life’s simplest gifts. It’s also the season of gratitude and giving back. Because if there’s anything the countless Christmas movies we’ve watched over the years have taught us, it’s that being generous is always a good idea.

When you perform acts of kindness – be they big or small – you’re positively impacting the world, and yourself, much more than you might think. Good deeds have a ripple effect – they encourage you to give again, inspire your recipient to do the same, and motivate people around you to act with kindness, too.

Because during a season that promotes overconsumption, a little giving goes a very long way.

1. Pick a reputable charity

Before opening your check book or logging into your PayPal account, do some research. Find a charity you feel passionate about through sites like Volunteer Match, Guidestar and Charity Navigator – all great resources for choosing the right nonprofit for you, and making sure it’s a reputable one.

2. Volunteer at a local food shelter or soup kitchen

It’s cold out, and many people are hungry. Dedicating a day to volunteering at a soup kitchen not only means you’re feeding those less fortunate, it’s also a great opportunity to talk to people from different walks of life and gain a new perspective.

3. Donate cans to a food bank

Collect a bunch of food cans, donate them to a food bank, and help reduce the amount of people who are hungry this holiday season. It’s a simple but effective way to lend a helping hand.

4. Donate your old jackets, coats and woolies

You know those old coats you have sitting in the far corner of your wardrobe? The ones you haven’t worn in months… or perhaps even years? Yeah, those ones. Group them into a bag and donate them to a charity to help keep someone else warm during the winter.

5. Buy books for the homeless

Books can change lives. They can ignite our imaginations, awaken new ideas and perspectives, teach us things we didn’t know, or simply allow us to get lost in a fantasy world that isn’t our own.

6. Donate blood

Save a life; donate blood. The American Red Cross encourages people to be blood donors, and your donation will really make a difference. In fact, just one pint of donated blood can save up to three lives. Scared of needles? You can just donate your blood instead!

7. Volunteer at an animal shelter

Spend some time caring for (and cuddling!) furry friends at a shelter over the holidays. Or, you can simply donate blankets, food and pet toys and treats.

8. Treat your neighbors

Connect with your community through small acts of kindness. Bake some cookies for the people next door. Make a batch of muffins for the old lady across the street. Invite a family over for dinner one night. Bask in the festive spirit.

9. Call an old friend

The holidays are a great time to re-connect with people you haven’t heard from in a while. Why not call that friend you haven’t spoken to in years? It’ll make their day – and maybe yours, too.

10. Give a compliment a day

Sometimes, making someone’s day can be as simple as a compliment. A comment of praise on a friend’s delicious homemade pumpkin soup. A appreciative remark on your co-worker’s joyous laugh. A few flattering words to waitstaff about their attentive approach. The only catch? It has to be genuine.

And hey, you may just love the feeling of giving to others so much that your generous festive spirit lives on well past Christmas.

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: How to get the perfect gift for everyone on your list.


Make your list and check it twice.

If you’re anything like us, then you’d know that holiday shopping is a little bit like running late to an important party or meeting a hectic deadline work – a mad scramble.

So this year, why not get organised a little early and avoid the frantic last-minute Christmas rush?

We’re stepping in to make life easy by compiling the ultimate holiday gift guide. Whether it be for your hard-to-impress boss, your thrift-shop-loving, eco-friendly bestie, or a mother-in-law who loves nothing more than an afternoon snuggled up on the couch – we’ve got all bases covered, so you can stress less and ease into the silly season poised and well-prepared.

If you’re shopping for…


We all have that friend. You know, the one who makes you feel guilty for *only* working out three times a week because they’re at the gym every day – morning AND night? Yep, that one. A fitness fanatic can never have enough stylish sneakers – try and find a pair that shows off a bit of their personal style. Alternatively, a super-cute, BPA-free water bottle is another goodie.


This friend is a crusader – a lover of the earth and everything in it. They’ll only buy ethically-made clothing, carry around an eco-friendly coffee cup and never, ever go to the grocery store without their big shopper bag. This guy or gal will love anything thoughtful or repurposed – think herbs in old tomato tins, cute handkerchiefs, and even organic wine (they’re sure to do something clever with the bottle after it’s been downed!).


This is for the buddy whose idea of a good weekend is one spent curled up in bed all day, cosy socks on and good book in hand. This person will love anything that will bring them comfort and keep them occupied on a rainy day in  – think fluffy slippers, comfy cushions or a good novel.


This is the friend you go to when you need someone to do your makeup for a special event. She has all the best products and knows all the latest trends, and her bathroom looks straight outta Sephora. This beauty maven will love a lush, rich body scrub or body butter – something she can really indulge in. Raw Sugar’s range of body care products are nutrient-packed and smell delicious beyond words – she’ll thank you for it.


Whether they’re hiking up Everest or waking up in a campsite, this is a person who loves exploring the great outdoors. Get the adventurer in your life something that’ll come in handy the next time they’re exploring new terrain – a stylish but functional water flask, lightweight backpack or windproof jacket.


This one’s a bit tricky, but really – the gift you get your boss should reflect the relationship you have with them. Do you love going out for coffee together in the morning? Get them a quality, luxurious coffee blend. Prefer to talk business over a whiskey after work? A nice bottle of aged scotch will do the trick. Alternatively, a planner or a nice gift box will be the perfect gift – think Raw Sugar’s Christmas Gift Box!


Don’t listen to the stereotypes, because life experience shows that men are notoriously hard to shop for. Treat the dude in your life to something he may not have yet – quality grooming products. We’re talking facial cleansers, moisturizers, and perhaps even a facial polish (like Raw Sugar’s Pure Facial Polish). Men tend to enjoy gifts they can use on a regular basis, and we guarantee – he’ll be addicted!

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