The Only 5 Products you Need to Glow on Valentine’s Day

The Only 5 Products you Need to Glow on Valentine’s Day

It’s February, and Valentine’s Day is on everyone’s radar.

It’s the one day a year that’s completely dedicated to showing love – be that to ourselves, or to an SO.

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Get Fall Ready from Head-To-Toe

It’s no secret that the summer may have left your skin, hair and, lips feeling a little tired and in need of some extra love. With all of the fun (yet damaging) exposure to salt water, UV rays, and heat, your body may be in need of a revival. At Raw Sugar Living, we’ve got the goods to get your body out of distress and into a hydrated, supple and smooth zone, just in time for fall. Keep your skin fabulous and natural, from head-to-toe today! It’s time to get #Rawlovin Sugars!

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3 Ways to use Coconut Oil

You’ve heard about the huge amount of health benefits associated with Coconut Oil and how good it is for you, but how exactly should you consume or even use it on a daily basis? Given that the fatty goodness is now easily accessible in local stores and supermarkets, paired with its proven beauty and health benefits, we’ve put together a handy list on how to use the in-demand oil:

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Keeping Your Hair Healthy for the Summer with Raw Sugar Products

Everybody wants that dream hair that’s full and has a gorgeous bounce – Especially when it’s the summertime! Sometimes the heat can mess with your beautiful locks, and we’re here to make sure your hair stays revived and hydrated! So what can Raw Sugar’s hair products do that’s different from the rest?

To simply put it: We’ve created a hair care regimen that nourishes, enriches, and revitalizes your hair… naturally, and in 3 simple steps!

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It’s All In The Hair.

Most of us generally have some sort of daily beauty regimen we abide by, right? What about for your hair? Have you got your hair regimen sorted?

Not to fear. Our ColdPress Hair Care regimen is here to save the day with it’s Sulfate, Paraben and Silicone Free, 3 step product line. What’s not to love?
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The Top 5 Fruits for a Healthy Outside, Starts With a Healthy Inside

Because a healthy outside starts with a healthy inside.

For healthy, glowing skin, the old saying, “you are what you eat” still remains
true. Choosing the right thing to eat can help you nourish your skin from the
inside out.
Our bodies are truly magnificent. Old cells are always being shed and replenished by younger ones. To support this constant change, we need to feed our bodies with nutrients. If we eat a good balance of nutrient-rich foods, our skin will receive the vital nutrients it needs to be healthy and beautiful.


It’s important to treat your skin with kindness and optimize your nutrition by enjoying antioxidant-rich fruits that provide the optimum levels of nutrients that are crucial for radiant skin, including beta carotene, vitamins C and E, zinc and selenium.


With that in mind, here are the top 5 fruits that will help you eat your way to healthy skin.

Image via Aimee Olofsson Pinterest


Did you know that Vitamin C is a super antioxidant? It works to effectively support the

immune system and encourage radiant, smooth skin. One of the best sources of

Vitamin C is blueberries. They’re also rich in anti-oxidants, which helps to keep skin healthy and produces collagen that strengthens the skin’s capillaries.

Image via Christopher Testani


Don’t throw away the peel! Researchers from the University of Arizona studied a group of people who consumed citrus fruits, juices, and peels every week. The people who ate orange peels instead of discarding them had a 33% increase in skin  health. Orange peels also offer protective UV-benefits to keep your skin strong and well.


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Small but packs a big nutritional value. Kiwis are packed with a lot of vitamin C (it has almost 120% of your daily needs in one little fruit). They work to keep the skin smooth, taught, and young looking, while also adding hydration and glow.


Image via Livi pinterest


Mangos work to perk up and brighten your complexion, leaving your skin feeling and

looking younger, bouncier and more alive. It’s jam-packed with antioxidants,

and works to promote collagen production which increases skin elasticity and firmness. Its Vitamin A properties also helps with giving your skin a head-turning glow.


It’s often argued whether coconut is a fruit or nut, one thing almost

everyone can agree on is that coconut is magical for the skin. Coconut offers the kind of soothing properties your sensitive skin dreams of and needs. Coconuts have a natural antibact power that is super effective for relieving inflammation and helps sensitive skin look and feel, calmer and brighter.

An Everyday Beauty Regimen Your Body Will Love All 365 Days of the Year!

Image via @mccabeco

When it comes to loving your skin, it’s important to pay attention to your body.

Nutrient-rich butters and exfoliators are essential for maintaining healthy, glowing skin. We know that everyone’s skin is unique, the foundations for care and nourishment are the same for all of us.

With that in mind, here’s our guide to building your own effective, body-loving beauty regimen that you’ll actually look forward to doing every day. We promise you’ll love it.
P.s. remember, all Raw Sugar products are processed through ColdPress Technology to keep all the good stuff in!

Raw Sugar Cube Bath Fizzers

Soak your body in these 12 nourishing and healing essential oils and extracts. Your skin will definitely radiate with love after this. With the choice of Pineapple + Maqui Berry + Coconut AND our classic combo of Raw Coconut + Mango, using these bath fizzers 2-3 times a week will relax the body and mind, giving your skin a little extra love and attention it craves. Raw Sugar Cube Bath Fizzers are small sugar cubes of love + fizz. They release oils, aromas and nutrients when you drop them into your bath. The beauty of a fizzer lies within the fact that your body not only gets a wonderful cleanse, but fizzers are also powerful for unwinding the mind and allowing your senses to indulge in a wondrous state of bath time relaxation and pleasure.

Image via @kikhaly

Raw Sugar Sugar Scrub

Adding a sugar scrub to your routine while in the shower, is a small extra step that will go a long way. Regular exfoliation works to smooth, polish and remove debris from the skin – leaving it glowing, and more receptive to nourishing moisturizers and butters. The scrubbing action itself boosts circulation and helps to drain your lymph nodes by increasing blood flow to the surface of your skin. Available in a range of different varieties, keep your Sugar Scrub in the shower and use it 2-3 times a week for super glowy, dewy, and well-hydrated skin.

Image via @missmisschelle

Raw Sugar Body Butter

Raw Sugar’s range of lush, rich, and nutrient-packed body butters are best used after your shower & Sugar Scrub routine. Your post-bath skin will
be well-equipped to properly absorb all the vitamins, goodies and delicious scents from our body butter that are gentle enough that you can use them every day. Hot tip: carry one around in your handbag to quickly hydrate dry elbows, heels and knees when you’re on the go.

A little Raw Sugar Love

Crafted and produced in sunny SoCal, Raw Sugar Living is a natural lifestyle brand on a mission to promote clean and healthy living through products that are good for the body and nourish the soul.

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