The truth about nature’s wonder fruit.

Coconuts truly are the gift that keeps on giving.

Aside from being considered both a fruit, a nut, AND a seed (overachiever, anyone?) – coconuts are one of the most versatile of nature’s creations.

So much so, that according to the Coconut Research Center (yes, it’s a real place), in many parts of Southeast Asia, India, and the Philippines – the coconut tree is known as “the tree of life.” And for good reason, because incredibly – over 1500 studies have been published as evidence of the pure health benefits of the humble coconut.

Boasting lauric acid, potassium, cytokinin and electrolytes – coconut can help to improve skin and hair, slow aging, aid weight loss, and improve immunity. But that’s not all. There are many surprising benefits that coconuts offer that you may not know about. Since we’d never want you to miss out, we’ve compiled the top 5 things you may not know about coconut.

1. It can improve memory

Say what?! Yep, it’s true – coconut oil can improve cognitive function. Recent studies at Oxford University have revealed that people with signs of Alzheimer’s and dementia had short term memory benefits from its use. Remember that the next time you’re feeling a little… forgetful.

2. It can boost your metabolism

While it may seem a little strange that a fatty product could actually help with your metabolism, it’s true. How? Coconut oil helps you oxidise (aka burn) fat. It contains medium chain triglycerides which actually works to boost metabolic function and have you feelin’ fine.

3. It’s a natural deodorant

Say bye-bye to BO! Coconut oil is a great alternative to conventional deodorant. It contains Laurie acid he lauric acid which kills odor-causing bacteria. Simply apply it to your skin to ward off any unpleasant smells. Easy.

4. It’s an energy booster

Want to amp your morning smoothie up a little? Add a teaspoon of coconut oil. When paired with protein, particularly chia seeds, coconut oil’s medium chain triglycerides offer the perch pick-me-up.

5. It can stop gum disease in its tracks

Did you know that some people use coconut oil as a toothpaste? Other simply use the oil pulling method for healthier mouth and gums. Because of its wonderful antibacterial properties, some dental professionals believe that coconut oil can work to prevent tooth decay and gum diseases.

BONUS fact:

Coconuts have been keeping people healthy for 55 million years!

While we in the Western world may only have just discovered (and bottled) coconuts –  the truth is that ever since coconuts first appeared in tropical areas, they’ve locals as a natural elixir.