Gut health.

Sounds glamorous, right? Not so much. But it is vital for glowing skin – because good skin health truly does begin in your gut.

Taking care of your gut means you’re getting right to the source. Cutting out the middleman, if you will. It’s efficiency at its very finest. Improving your gut health will help you simplify your skin care routine – and give you countless other health benefits, too. So where’s the skin-gut connection, you wonder?

Here’s a way of looking at it that might be a wee bit easier to digest. Think of your skin like a flower, and your gut like the soil. The soil requires the right nutrients and levels of good bacteria to allow the flower to blossom. So, for your skin to be healthy and radiant, your gut needs to be first.

Here’s a nifty little list of foods that love your guts:


Sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles and many other naturally fermented foods contain healthy amounts of probiotics. These probiotics give your gut the good bacteria it needs, and organic acids that allow you to maintain a healthy intestinal pH.


Recent studies have shown that almonds are incredible for gut health because they’re a prebiotic. Prebiotic’s are probiotic foods – ones that reach the colon undigested. They promote the growth of good bacteria in your large intestine – plus they’re packed with great dietary fibre!


Non-dairy yogurt is good for your skin for two reasons. The first is that it’s probiotic-rich, which means it loads your gut with good bacteria that will has a dynamic effect on your digestive system. The second is that it is, of course, free of dairy products – which are known to trigger acne and breakouts. None of that here, folks.


Kombucha is jam-packed with gut-loving nutrients such as amino acids, enzymes and vitamins. It also contains a variety of health promoting acids that include ascetic acid – known for its prowess in killing the bad bacteria that lives in our tummies, and gluconic acid – which assists in inhibiting body infections.


In its raw and organic form, Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) brims with raw enzymes and good bacteria that help work your digestive juices, help nutrients absorb, and monitor the growth of harmful yeast and bacteria in the belly.

BONUS TIP: you can also use ACV as a toner – simply dilute with two-parts water and voila!