7 ways to get your kids to Enjoy Fruits, Right Now!

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A diet rich in fruit is essential for optimum health – but try telling a kid that.

If you have a nagging feeling that your children aren’t getting
sufficient amounts of fruits into their tummies, you’re probably right. According to recent research, an astounding 60% of children are eating
less than the recommended daily intake of fruits.
Loaded with vitamins, minerals, and high in fiber, fruits are a necessity for healthy growth and development.
The reasons why are countless!
To start, fruits are an instant energy supplier. It’s a natural source of vitality and will help kids stay alert and active longer. Fruits are also
naturally low in calories, and its powerful combinations of flavonoids, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, phytochemicals and the countless micro and macronutrients this makes fruits wonderfully easy way to keep kids healthy and reduce the risk of colds and flus.
All of this begs the question: how do you actually get a child to eat more fruits? Here are 7 easy ways you can guide them to a more balanced, fruit-rich diet. Trust us, not only will they be eating fruits, they’ll be loving it, too.

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Lead By Example
Why not make eating fruits a fun family activity after dinner? If you make it a habit to snack on fruit when your kids are around, they’re more likely to pick up an apple when they’re feeling peckish.
Familiarize them with fruits
A lot of children say “no” to fruits because they’re afraid of its unfamiliarity. This is not because they dislike the taste. You can get them used to certain fruits by keeping them on display in a fruit bowl in your home, talking to your kids about it, and subtly sneaking them into meals that they enjoy so they can slowly get familiar with the flavor.

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Slice it up

Children are curious little creatures, and may take more kindly to fruits that have been sliced into bite-sized pieces than whole fruits.

In fact, a study of 14 elementary and middle school cafeterias showed schools that sold sliced apples received 71% more apple sales than schools that sold their apples whole.

Make fruits fun

Get children more excited about fruits by making it fun. Stickers of their
favorite cartoon characters will work great. Research has shown that
kids are twice as likely to pick up the piece of fruit in their lunch box if it has a picture of a cartoon character on it. A simple yet effective method.

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Prepare fruit together

Making fun no-cook creations with the kiddies will make them proud and eager to taste their fruity culinary delights. This can be as simple as fruit salads or as cool as real-

fruit popsicles. Either way, kids will love eating what they helped make.

Give them picking power

Get kids involved in the grocery shopping process and they’ll be more likely to eat what they’ve chosen at home. Giving children the chance to explore and discover different colors, textures and shapes will get them more interested in tasting the fruit.

Mix it up

Allow kids to learn that fruits comes in different forms. They can eat the same fruit whole or they can drink it in a juice. Teach kids that fruit can be frozen, canned, and dried to take on different tastes and textures.
It’ll be like a mini science experiment – they’ll love participating in it!

5 indoor plants that double as stress relievers 

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There’s more to creating a Zen environment at home than scented candles and Feng Shui. 

Natural indoor plants are a great way to create a relaxed atmosphere. Research has proven that pot plants help reduce stress and assist people with feeling more present. 

So if you have days where you’re doing, or feeling, a little too much (which, let’s face it, we all do) – perhaps the humble potted plant is the answer to relieving the tension and restoring the calm.

We’ve selected a few stress-reducing plants that won’t let you down – and that WILL stay alive. So whether you’re a green thumb or not, these little guys will help you find your inner Zen. 

Pachira aquatica via Savannah Peterson Pinterest


While it’s not exactly reflective of its name, this beautiful bonsai-like baby has a myriad of benefits – it’s healthy, air-purifying, and room-brightening. Inhale. Exhale. Can you feel the difference? 

Oh, and it’s also among the easiest indoor plants to maintain. Major bonus. 

Bamboo via Andrew Shoemaker


They say the bamboo plant brings you peace from just looking at it. Called the ‘lucky bamboo tree for a reason, this beautiful creation is mother nature’s way of keeping your home a tranquil sanctuary. This green goddess doesn’t need much water or light, perfect for your busy schedule.

Image via @winterbournehg


Cacti are among the easiest plants around to maintain – it doesn’t take much at all for them to thrive. Whether you opt for tall cacti or miniature ones along the window, these lovely little natives will chill you out while looking cooler than a Cali sunset. 

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You know what’s really cool about air plants? They don’t actually require any soil. They’re so versatile you can hang them up on the walls, hang them down like a chandelier, or even pot them in a bulb terrarium. Studies have shown that humans feel more relaxed when surrounded by nature, and air plants are a won


Your state of mind affects your body in more ways than you know. A positive attitude, in particular, can work wonders for your sense of self – and your wellbeing. It helps you kick every day off to a fresh start. It gives you that extra little pep in your step. It can make you glow from within.

We believe the world ‘glow’ is one of the most beautiful in the English language. It rolls off the tongue and radiates warmth – and with the right kind of attitude, you will too.

Here’s how a little bit of positive thinking can make you radiate – from the inside out:


When you fill your mind with nice, positive thoughts – you’ll not only feel happier, but your positive energy will be visible and infectious to others.


People are drawn to positive thinkers. And why wouldn’t they be? Positive thinking is aspirational. A glass-half-full mentality is catchy – so your hopeful and happy disposition will have a domino effect on those around you.


Positive affirmations can have an impact on your health. The power of your mind over your body is pretty incredible – and affirming to yourself that you’re beautiful will help you feel better, more energized and more full-of-life.


Recent studies have shown that a seeing-life-through-rose-colored-glasses approach has physical benefits on your skin – and can even slow down the ageing process, keeping wrinkles and lines at bay a little bit longer.

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