How to Enjoy a Happy & Healthy Life, Right Now!

With summer slowly approaching, many of us feel a fresh sense of hope.

A new day is on the horizon, and our bodies and minds are telling us that it’s time for improvement.

Instead of focusing on a specific area of physical refinement for

tomorrow – like signing up for a gym membership, for example – why not start living your happiest, healthiest life… today?

There are many things you can control in your everyday life to ensure you’re living at your best. If you make a habit of the following 5 things every day, we guarantee you’ll feel better because it.

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Start Your Day By Setting Intentions

Setting positive intentions is a wonderful thing. By understanding what you truly desire and how you desire to feel, your everyday life your life will glow with a brand new sense of being.

Setting intentions helps you get your power back. Once you’re
clear on how you want to feel and what you want to achieve, you can make clearer and more assured day-to-day decisions that will lead you to the life you truly want to be living.

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Make Gratitude Your Attitude

It’s easy to get caught up in a whirlwind of everyday stress, but when we do, we

forget to stop and smell the roses. When we get so busy chasing what we want, we don’t often appreciate what we already have.

Practicing gratitude, or thankfulness as a daily
ritual can greatly improve our mental and emotional well-being. In fact, studies have shown that gratitude can increase happiness levels by 25%. People who make gratitude a priority tend to have enhanced levels of
creativity and power, are more resilient, have stronger immune
systems, and even have stronger social relationships with other people.

Find the Exercise You Love

Our bodies are designed to move. Your body is an extraordinary thing – capable of doing so much if you treat it kindly. Moving your body will not only benefit your physical health, but your mind too. Exercising releases endorphins, the feel good hormone your body produces to create a positive boost in your mood.

We know gyms aren’t for everyone, and you can’t force a habit you
simply don’t enjoy. Experiment with a few types of activities to find the one you truly

love – and when you do, it won’t feel like a chore, but rather a daily hobby that you look forward to. Perhaps you’ll enjoy yoga, or maybe nature walks. Maybe your thing is competitive
sports, like soccer, or could it be something water-based, like swimming or surfing?

No matter what it is, you’ll find it. Once you do, it won’t even feel like exercise!


Repeat Positive Affirmations

What you think, you become. Choosing positive patterns of thought and repeating positive affirmations will lead you feel more optimistic and happy. In Western society, we’re all programmed from birth with scripts that play through our minds all day long. Unbelievably, more

than 75% of those scripts are skewed toward negative thinking.

The power of your mind is incredible, and you can equip yourself with the tools that change the way you talk to yourself. By practicing daily affirmations that reassure and inspire, you’re setting yourself up for more self-love, self-acceptance, and self- belief. What could possibly be better than that?

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Practice Inner Peace

A powerful way to find greater contentment is to practice inner peace.
Giving your mind time to stop and take a mental deep breath allows more clarity and harmony.

Whether you choose to meditate, pray, practice yoga, or even listen to music, giving your mind a few moments of peace will help you center yourself and really feel the blessings you already have in your life.


Every year, when the calendar pointer hits January 1st, we bask in the glow of a new year. 

A fresh start. A clean slate. A renewed optimism. It’s an innate part of human nature – we look for opportunities to clear the proverbial canvas and start anew. 

For some, that means creating a list of New Years resolutions; exercise more, indulge less. For others, it’s the physical act of making a monumental life change; be that starting a new job or moving to a new city. But for most of us, an effective fresh start needs to begin on the inside. And it can be as simple as expressing a little bit of good ol’ fashioned gratitude. 

Being thankful for the gifts of life has many health benefits. Studies have shown it can reduce feelings of depression, decrease anxiety, improve quality of sleep, and even strengthen memory. 

Here are a few easy ways to kick-start your gratitude practice – for a more centred, content you. 

1. Daily top 3 

Each day, consider three things you feel grateful for. They could be as simple as your warming morning tea or the delicious taste of your favorite fruit – or as profound as the roof over your head and clean drinking water. Tune in to the small details that make your life what it is, and take notice of what you might be taking for granted. It’s amazing what you see when you start paying attention.

2. Express gratitude to others

Show your appreciation to someone who did something kind – be it a total stranger or your best friend. Letting people know you acknowledged and appreciated their help will make you feel lighter and more joyous. 

3. Focus on the good

Make it a habit to take time and focus on the things you’re thankful for in your life. Make a list of them in your mind, and say a big, earnest “thank you” for each one of them. 

4. Acknowledge the struggles

It’s also important to focus on your struggles you’ve gone through, and say thanks for the unexpected ways you have gained from them. Maybe they uncovered a strength you didn’t know you had, or perhaps they brought you closer to your family, or revealed to you your true priorities. Be grateful for the tough times themselves, rather than the silver linings, because they may continue to offer you blessings you otherwise wouldn’t have. 

5. Make it a mantra

Never underestimate the power of words. When you feel tense, stressed or sad – simply repeat the words “thank you” between  deep, slow breaths to re-ground yourself. Sit in silence and really meditate on the words. 

6. Pay it forward

A little kindness goes a long way. And one of the most meaningful ways to express gratitude is to act with kindness towards others. Return a favor. Surprise someone. See a situation you might be able to offer some help in and do it. The feeling afterwards will be golden.

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