An Everyday Beauty Regimen Your Body Will Love All 365 Days of the Year!

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When it comes to loving your skin, it’s important to pay attention to your body.

Nutrient-rich butters and exfoliators are essential for maintaining healthy, glowing skin. We know that everyone’s skin is unique, the foundations for care and nourishment are the same for all of us.

With that in mind, here’s our guide to building your own effective, body-loving beauty regimen that you’ll actually look forward to doing every day. We promise you’ll love it.
P.s. remember, all Raw Sugar products are processed through ColdPress Technology to keep all the good stuff in!

Raw Sugar Cube Bath Fizzers

Soak your body in these 12 nourishing and healing essential oils and extracts. Your skin will definitely radiate with love after this. With the choice of Pineapple + Maqui Berry + Coconut AND our classic combo of Raw Coconut + Mango, using these bath fizzers 2-3 times a week will relax the body and mind, giving your skin a little extra love and attention it craves. Raw Sugar Cube Bath Fizzers are small sugar cubes of love + fizz. They release oils, aromas and nutrients when you drop them into your bath. The beauty of a fizzer lies within the fact that your body not only gets a wonderful cleanse, but fizzers are also powerful for unwinding the mind and allowing your senses to indulge in a wondrous state of bath time relaxation and pleasure.

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Raw Sugar Sugar Scrub

Adding a sugar scrub to your routine while in the shower, is a small extra step that will go a long way. Regular exfoliation works to smooth, polish and remove debris from the skin – leaving it glowing, and more receptive to nourishing moisturizers and butters. The scrubbing action itself boosts circulation and helps to drain your lymph nodes by increasing blood flow to the surface of your skin. Available in a range of different varieties, keep your Sugar Scrub in the shower and use it 2-3 times a week for super glowy, dewy, and well-hydrated skin.

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Raw Sugar Body Butter

Raw Sugar’s range of lush, rich, and nutrient-packed body butters are best used after your shower & Sugar Scrub routine. Your post-bath skin will
be well-equipped to properly absorb all the vitamins, goodies and delicious scents from our body butter that are gentle enough that you can use them every day. Hot tip: carry one around in your handbag to quickly hydrate dry elbows, heels and knees when you’re on the go.

A simple guide to self care

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As a passionate, loving, and ambitious person (which most of us are), you may have a tendency to overload your days with tasks. 

And while keeping busy is a great way to keep moving forward, we have to make sure we don’t forget to focus on the wellbeing of person at the heart of it all: ourselves.

The beautiful thing is, that true self care is all about simple everyday acts. It’s the small baseline things that end up making the biggest difference when they’re done consistently, and you don’t need to go out of your way to achieve them.

A simple self-care checklist to make sure that you’re taking care of yourself, while accomplishing goals and taking care of others, is a great way to stay on track.

Because, really, taking care of you is actually the most selfless thing of all.

So how about we start right now?

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Am I drinking enough water?

Water is the source of life. While there’s no actual indicator as to exactly how much water we should be drinking, 8 glasses a day is a good minimum to work to. Dehydration affects our brain and our mood, so keeping well-hydrated is the first step to feeling good.

Am I getting enough sleep?

When it comes to taking good care of yourself, getting enough sleep is non-negotiable. If you have trouble getting a full night’s shut-eye, a little lavender oil near your pillow will help you nod off gently.

Am I eating 3 nutritious meals a day ( and making room for snacks)?

When life gets too frantic, our routines can drop off. Eating wholesome, nutritious food is the best way to keep energy levels up in a natural way. And make sure you always carry around a healthy snack in your handbag – a handful of almonds, punnet of blueberries, or a granola bar are great to-go options.

Am I setting boundaries?

It’s ok to say no and decline invites if – especially if saying ‘no’ is going to allow you to rest and improve your wellbeing. You can always be polite and honor the invitation, but it’s important to stand up for your needs.

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Am i reviewing my priorities?

Every day, look at your list of priorities and group them into two buckets: ‘urgent’ and ‘nice-to-do’. Get your urgent tasks done first, and if you have the time and energy – you can tackle some from the ‘nice-to-do’ list.

Am i spending any time in nature?

Humans are naturally inclined to feel good when out in nature – and multiple studies have shown that spending time outside improves wellbeing and productivity. Set some time aside to go for a walk, take a hike, or go for a swim in nature every day – even if it’s just 30 minutes. Your body will thank you for it.

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Am I feeding my soul?

What is it you really love doing? Is it reading, crocheting, playing soccer, doing yoga, or painting? No matter what your soul-feeding activity is, you need to make it a priority.

Am i spending time with people who ‘get’ me?

Find your tribe. Start a sisterhood, or brotherhood, of supportive people who want nothing more than to see you thrive. Maybe you already have a strong support system, but if you don’t – create one.

Am I conscious of my self-talk?

Make it a habit to speak kindly to yourself. Negative self-talk and criticism is so easy – being kind takes a little more consciousness and effort, but is so very worth it. 

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