Why it’s Important to Change up Your Daily Routine

Having a Routine and consistency is important for our day-to-day lives. It keeps the equilibrium in our busy schedules, but what happens when our routine becomes boring, stagnant or just plain non-beneficial? It’s important to be able to identify these traits by taking a step back and analyzing our daily routines. Why? Simply because you may not be the best version of you! Although daily routines help in achieving our overall goals and help us function as human beings, sometimes a change-up to your routine can greatly improve the quality of your life – it’s as simple as making a change today! Have a look at our top tips on how to change up your daily routine below:

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3 Ways to use Coconut Oil

You’ve heard about the huge amount of health benefits associated with Coconut Oil and how good it is for you, but how exactly should you consume or even use it on a daily basis? Given that the fatty goodness is now easily accessible in local stores and supermarkets, paired with its proven beauty and health benefits, we’ve put together a handy list on how to use the in-demand oil:

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5 Simple Yet Powerful Reasons You Need To Switch to Vegan Friendly Products in 2018

Being more conscious of what you are putting on your skin is not just a fad. This “trend” is here to stay and with so much accessible information out there, 2018 is definitely the year to start your healthy journey.

1.Vegan Friendly Products are Better Suited for Sensitive Skin

Our skin absorbs 60% of the products we apply to it, so it’s very important to know exactly what you are putting on your skin is safe. Naturally derived products are known to be good for you and is more gentle on your skin. They also promote feel good sensations leaving your skin more hydrated.

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2. Healthier and Younger Skin

We all know healthy skin starts from the inside. Eating fruits and vegetables will definitely help your skin glow on the outside along with drinking plenty of water. However, it doesn’t stop there! The trick to anti-aging isn’t a fancy chemical; it’s moisture and Vitamins which are mostly found in vegan friendly products. Your literally packing extra benefits without even trying.

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3. Not Tested on Animals

Vegan products are manufactured without animal by-products or animal-derived ingredients. This means you can enjoy your beauty regimen knowing it’s completely cruelty free.

4. Free of Harmful Chemicals

Vegan products are manufactured using only naturally derived ingredients that come from the earth, but without the use of harsh chemicals or synthetics. This means softer, more relaxed and soothed skin.

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5. A More Even Skin Tone

Vegan friendly products contain plant-based ingredients that are high in Vitamins and moisture, which works to help even out your skin discoloration .

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Do you have sensitive skin?

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We answer the 7 most frequently asked questions about this delicate skin type.

Love it or hate it, if you have sensitive skin – you have to take care of it. It requires a little extra attention and a tad bit more patience. But if you play your cards right, youe sensitive skin will become a total non-issue. In fact, you can even use it to your favor!

Here, we answer the 7 most frequently asked questions about sensitive skin.

1. What exactly constitutes ‘sensitive skin’?

There are a variety of factors at play to making up what people call sensitive skin. But put simply, sensitive skin reacts unpleasantly to skincare products and chemicals. When diagnosing sensitive skin, dermatologists look for: skin reactions such as redness, bumps or erosion, very dry texture, or a tendency towards heavy blushing.

2. How do I know if I have it?

If it’s common for your skin to get irritate or feel uncomfortable after using over-the-counter skincare, you probably have sensitive skin.

The best way to find out, of course, is to check in with a dermatologist. 

3. What should I look for in skincare products to ensure they don’t irritate my sensitive skin? 

Products designed specifically for sensitive skin are usually your friends. Also look for products that contain no parabens or sulfates – and that are made up of mostly natural ingredients. 

Try to avoid products with harsh chemicals and way too many ingredients on their lists. 

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4. When using a new product, how should I test for skin reactions?

Patch testing is the way to go – after all, it’s better to be safe than sorry! When you get a new product, place a small amount behind your war for a few days. If your skin reacts well, try the same thing along your temple. If you don’t get irritated skin, the product should be safe to use.

5. How can I protect my sensitive skin against harsh weather conditions?

We hate to sound lime your mother, but you MUST wear suncream all year round. It’s a non negotiable. And make sure it’s one thats at least SPF 30+.

In the summer, you should generally try to avoid sunbathing and spending long periods of time in the hot sun – even if you have applied your SPF. UV rays are highly damaging and particularly so on your sensitive skin.

In the winter, try not to overheat your home. Have a good moisturizer on hand for skin and body to keep it hydrated, and always wash with paraben and sulfate free cleansers. 

6. Is sensitive skin genetic? 

It would appear that yes, sensitive skin and its associated conditions (includong rosacea and eczema) are inherited. 

7. What are the best tips for caring for my sensitive skin? 

Use skincare that has been specifically designed for your skin type. These products should be soap-free and light on harsh chemicals to avoid overworkinf your skin. When cleansing, be gentle – and avoid using chunky scrubs and exfoliators. 

Also, hydration is key. Stay on top of your moisturizing schedule and your skin will thank you for it.

PS – DID YOU KNOW that Raw Sugar is launching a BRAND NEW line of skincare created especially for SENSITIVE SKIN? Yup! It’s made with natural, soothing, nourishing ingredients made to love and care for sensitive skin! More info coming soon… WATCH THIS SPACE, sensitive-skinned sisters! 


Just a mere decade ago, coconuts weren’t getting all that much in the way of attention. They were a distant and exotic fruit (or nut – depending on what side of the is-coconut-a-fruit-or-nut argument you’re on). They were the holder of cocktails on our island vacations and a sometimes-visitor in our supermarkets. Their real benefits were known only by people in coconut-growing areas – who have been using coconut for generations for its incredible health prowess.

But it’s safe to day, that now – coconuts are having a major moment. Their nutritional benefits seem to have caught the attention of wellness gurus and naturopaths alike, and thank heavens – because coconut is a magic little miracle in a shell everyone deserves to reap the benefits of.

Without further ado, here are the top 6 skin-health benefits of the tropical treasure that is coconut oil:


It moisturizes like no other.

If you have any signs of dry skin, you need not look too far – coconut oil is among the best moisturizing ingredients out there. It’s easily absorbed by your skin and seeps right into your pores – deeply and throughly hydrating it.


It’s rich in Vitamin E.

Coconut oil helps to keep wrinkles at bay because it contains the antioxidant Vitamin E – known for its skill in protecting skin cells from damage and tear. The Vitamin E in coconut oil also works to soothe irritating skin conditions such as eczema, sunburn and psoriasis.


It has amazing antiviral and anti-fungal benefits.

The antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties of coconut oil are directly attributed to the fatty acids in the oil, which include capric acid, caprylic acid, and lauric acid. This helps heal the skin and even treat bug bites.


It cleanses… really deeply.

With all the day-to-day congestion your skin is exposed to, it needs a thorough (yet gentle) form of cleansing that’ll get all the grime out without drying it out too much. Enter coconut oil. Coconut oil is a gentle yet deep cleanser. Its light texture allows it to seep deep into pores and dissolve hardened sebum and dirt – bringing it all to surface before you rinse it away.


It’s really good at removing your makeup.

Coconut oil is wonderful at cutting through grease and oil. In fact, it’s an even more effective grease-cutter than commercial anti-grease products. Pretty mind-blowing, right? Yet, it’s completely gentle and safe enough to use on skin as sensitive as a baby’s. Win-win.


It packs a lot of protein.

Just like actual coconuts, coconut oil is abundant in a variety of different proteins. These proteins work to keep skin healthy, refreshed and rejuvenated – inside and out. They help repair damaged skin cells and assist in healing scars or red marks on the skin.

Are you a coconut fan? Tell us why you’re nuts for coconuts in the comments below!

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