Does your dry skin need to be rescued? We’ve got you.

Dry, flaky skin is quite the dilemma. Sometimes it happens after exposure to cold, windy weather or dry air-conditioned workplaces. Other times, it creeps up when you least expect – in the middle of summer, on an otherwise well-hydrated face.

If you’re feeling the moisture being zapped out of your skin, a seriously hydrating skincare routine can save the day. Incorporating the right skin-feeding products into your skincare regimen can help minimize flaking and irritation, giving you a healthy glow all day long.

But not all moisturizers were created equal, so here are our 5 top products for healing dry skin.


Raw Sugar Moisture Loving Body Wash – Avocado + Cactus Pear

Well-hydrated skin starts with a moisturizing cleanser. Because they can so often be drying, and strip your skin of its natural moisture, you need one that has hydrating properties. This avocado + cactus pear dream team hydrates as well as it cleanses. The synergistic effects of the fruits together intensely nourish the skin – leaving you feeling fresher and smoother after every shower.


Raw Sugar Sugar Scrub – Pineapple + Maqui Berry + Coconut

Bid farewell to flakes and scales with this ultra-exfoliating scrub. Incredibly softening, this fruit-filled scrub is a delicious blend of hydrating coconut, pineapple, and antioxidant-rich maqui berry – working hard to slough off dull, dry, flaky skin, leaving you with a glow like never before.


Raw Sugar Simply Body Lotion – Raw Coconut + Mango

Thirsty skin needs a big, tall drink of this body lotion every day to stay well-hydrated and happy. A rejuvenating blend of raw coconut and mango, this bad boy infuses skin with weightless hydration and plant-derived nourishment. Enjoy how this enzyme-rich blend of Cold Pressed oils, healing Aloe Vera, and Certified Organic fruit oils feels on your skin – leaving it conditioned and quenched.


Raw Sugar Body Butter – Lemon Sugar

This is where hydration gets real. Body butters are rich in essential nutrients that nourish and feed the skin, and this little magician is a decadent combination of Cold Pressed essential oils – working to effectively heal dry skin and reveal a softer, brighter complexion. Super buttery, it’s a true hero in saving lackluster skin – and it smells like summer.


Raw Sugar Lip Scrub Raw – Coconut + Mango

Dry skin often means dry lips too. Don’t leave your pout behind, and instead awaken parched lips with this moisture-rich scrub. All-natural gentle sugar cane exfoliates, coconut hydrates, and Cold Pressed macadamia nut butter leaves dry, flaky lips renewed and pillowy soft again.