Micro-braids are big for summer.  

Make two thin face-framing braids at the front of your hair to hold hair off the face, leaving the rest of your hair loose and undone, giving you a bohemian chic, easy vibe.  Pair it with a flowy summer dress for the cutest, look that says you’re laid back and full of style.  If you want more, small braids all over are totally in right now, a’la Bo Derek in the 80s.  


The Space Bun

This is the perfect in-between washes hair style because you need texture to hold it together.  The space bun is a modified Princess Leia look with two small buns on the top/sides of your head, leaving the rest of your hair down.  Use our Dry Shampoo Texture to add instant texture to make this style easier to pull off and have plenty of bobby pins to secure buns in place.  


Make Waves. 

Summer wouldn’t be summer without undone, beachy waves.  Leave hair down, using a larger curling iron, start about 4 inches down from the part and wrap hair, leaving the last inch or so out of the curling iron so you have straight, undone ends, otherwise the curls look too fussy.  Once you’ve curled all your hair, spritz a little of our Texture Dry Shampoo into hair, separating curls with your fingers.  You’re left with a cool-girl vibe that looks good no matter how messy it gets.