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If you haven’t joined the Tik Tok craze yet, it’s time to hop on.  Tik Tok, the free viral social media app is basically a bite-size version of YouTube with videos ranging between 5 and 60 seconds . It’s a space that encourages creativity and where you can feel free to show what you’ve got — no matter how silly.  Browse a few minutes and your feed will be full of inspiring dance moves, lip-sync silliness, adorable kids, puppies, practical jokes and general happiness.  


You can watch, share or create your own videos —there’s bound to be an audience that shares your vibe.  And who knows, you may even go viral!  

 So hop on, bust out your best air guitar or viral dance moves and follow us for giveaways and contests you’ll only find on Tik Tok. You’ll find us at @rawsugarliving_