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Top 5 Reasons Have a Staycation this Summer

Whether you’re a hard working career woman, student or entrepreneur, it’s often easy to forget that a whole other world exists outside your everyday routine. A world that perhaps involves sleep-ins, self-indulgence, and dare we say it – “me” time.

While we firmly believe that vacations are always a good idea, we also think that sometimes – having a solid staycation is another a great way to to rest, re-center and re-energize yourself.
When you feel the need to unravel, unwind and relax, the comfort of your own home may be just want you need.
So if you’re a fan of restorative sleep and saving on travel costs, a chill holiday at home just might be the answer. Here are the top 5 reasons we choose staycations over vacations.

  1. It’s The Best Rest You’ll Ever Get.

While we believe travel provides truly enriching experiences, they’re not always the most stress-free. Travel takes a lot of planning – from searching for flights and hotels, to packing and rushing to the airport. Let’s not forget about how awful the jet lag can be too.
Taking a staycation takes little-to-no planning. You’re staying home, or close to home, so your accommodation is all sorted. There are no changes in time zones and no foreign currency to convert.
Instead, what you will be doing is resting properly. This is a great time for you to sleep in, spend a day at the local spa, get a massage, watch a movie in bed, or just curl up on the couch with a book… all day. Don’t feel bad about it – you deserve it.
Whatever your idea of rest is, why not do it during your staycation?

Image via gypsymess.tumblr.com


  1. It’s A Great Way To Rediscover Your City.

Do you have a list of restaurants you want to go to (but haven’t quite had the time), a hike you’ve always wanted to take, or a local museum you’ve always wanted to visit? Now’s the time to do it.
Staycations are the perfect opportunity to see your city or hometown with fresh eyes. Fall in love with your local treasures all over again. It’s time to unveil the history and interesting sites you never had time to explore before.
Be a tourist at home. Visit all the main attractions, as well as the lesser-known locations in your vicinity. Take time to appreciate the natural beauty of your surroundings. We promise you’ll walk away with a newfound gratitude for the place you call home.

Image via Mira Ning on Pinterest


  1. Time To Reconnect With Loved Ones.

The thing about taking a vacay is that you leave people you love behind. With staycations, the people you’re closest to are right there.
A staycation frees up a lot of your time, so you can finally make plans to catch up, properly with those friends you’ve wanted to see forever but haven’t had a chance to. It also means you can host dinners, have a backyard soiree, or take a picnic with your buds. Why not just get a great group of friends together and rent a beach house or cabin near by? Group staycations are also tons of fun!
A staycation also means more quality time to bond with your significant other and your kids.

Image via @heidi on Pinterest


  1. Work On Your Passion Project.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to cook an elaborate Julia Child recipe. Perhaps you’ve been thinking about starting a scrapbook. You could be dreaming about getting back into watercolor painting.
Whatever your passion project, or hobby is, a staycation is the ideal time to work on it.
Spend a day collecting the materials you need, and then just dive right in. The way you’ll feel once you’ve completed, or even just started, your passion project, will be utterly priceless.

Image via Aada Koivisto on Pinterest


  1. Savor The Little Things.

A staycation is the perfect time to savor all of life’s simplest pleasures – completely guilt-free.
The small luxuries in life, like enjoying a hot cup of freshly-brewed coffee in the sunshine, or taking time to pick fresh herbs from the garden, are often the ones that make us feel the warmest at heart.
Feed your soul by indulging your senses in the simple comforts you don’t have time to for in your everyday life. We guarantee you’ll be smiling from the inside out.

Image via Tahlia Hall on Pinterest


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