Founded on the belief that everyone deserves to love the skin they’re in and wake up with a smile on their face, we are always looking for ways to positively contribute to the planet and its people.

We believe that the smallest acts of kindness can make a real impact…which is why we’re always striving to give back to the community and to those in need.

One of the ways we give back is through our mission, where for every product that you buy we donate a bar of soap to a family in need.  Back in May we partnered with and were able to make a donation 1,000,000 fresh bars of soap to people in need, as well as hosting an event at the Union Rescue Mission to celebrate this milestone while giving back to the families who lived there.

Our mission and initiative goes beyond more than just one event or a bar of soap. We believe that helping those around us is a personal responsibility, not just a social responsibility.


It was at the event that we hosted at the Union Rescue Mission, that we were lucky enough to speak with real women and their families from all walks of life. We were able to hear their stories and asked them what beauty meant to them.

Image via @drivenbylove_


At Raw Sugar we know that conventional beauty is only what is on the surface, but real beauty is kindness, hope, and helping those in need. Beauty is all around us – all you need to do is look. People don’t always remember what you say, or how you look but they will always remember how you made them feel. Radiate beauty – look around you, see what you can do for others and your beauty will shine from your soul!
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