It may be but small, but the maqui berry packs major nutritious punch.


You may have heard of acai, maqui’s older sister. She’s famous for her health benefits and superfood status. You’ve probably seen her name on the menu of many breakfast cafés and in the aisles of health food stores. But believe it or not, little sister maqui has even more antioxidant power – you just don’t know about it yet.


With an intensely vibrant purple color, the maqui Berry grows wild in Southern parts of Chile. You’ll find maqui bushes on hillsides, on fields, and on the borders of forests. And because the bushes grow in such abundance, there’s no need for maqui berries to be farmed.


What are the top benefits of maqui berry?



  • Antioxidants


If antioxidants had a ranking system, the maqui berry would be number one. An absolute hoarder of antioxidants, the tiny maqui berry has the highest amount of antioxidants of any food or fruit or fruit found in nature! This is because it’s super high in anthocyanin – a compound which is celebrated for its abundance of antioxidant properties. All hail maqui, queen of antioxidants.



  • It keeps skin young


Maqui loves your skin in so many ways, and one of the major benefits is its anti-aging properties. Because it’s so incredibly high in antioxidants, it helps to slow down signs of aging by warding off free radicals in the body. Maqui berry is also incredibly powerful in its ability to regenerate and care for the skin cells – working away at giving you youthful, healthy, radiant skin.



  • Loves your gut


Your gut is a wild jungle of bacteria, viruses and fungi. And while this may sound slightly gross, it’s not. A diverse gut microbe has positive impacts on your brain, heart, immune system and overall health. The plant compounds in maqui berry work to remould your gut microbiota and bulk up the amount of good bacteria – which basically means, it makes your gut happier and healthier.



  • It boosts metabolism


Maqui Berry works to boost your metabolism and refresh your body with more stamina. The berry can help kick-start digestion, which contributes to a more controlled release of energy.



  • Antibacterial properties


Last but certainly not least, the maquiladoras berry has wonderful antibacterial properties to treat and ward off bacterial infections of all kinds. Plus, it’s anti-inflammatory too!


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