What to Eat to Feel Your Best!


Food is medicine.  Whether we like to think of it that way or not, what we eat absolutely affects how we feel.  Our energy level, our mood, our focus and even our skin. So with all the diet hype, what should you eat to make yourself feel your best?  


For most people, avoiding fad diets and just focusing on eating whole foods will do the trick.  It sounds simple, but once you begin to really look at what you’re consuming, you’ll be surprised at how much of what we really eat, isn’t in its natural form.   Cutting out all sugars, simple carbs and anything processed can drastically reduce brain fog, inflammation and is a top priority to having vibrant health.   


Your mantra should be if something comes from a manufacturing plant, keep your distance.  If it is a plant, go for it! Veggies, fruits, proteins and good fats should be the mainstay of your daily diet. Taking a probiotic should also be on the top of your list, as gut health is key to fighting inflammation and boosting your immune system.  


If you’re eating what nature made instead of man, you’ll notice a big boost in energy, vibrancy and mood that will help you look, feel and be your best self.  


One final note; be kind to yourself.  If you make a bad choice, acknowledge it, give yourself grace but don’t beat yourself up.  You are beautiful. You can make healthier choices and feel good. Know it. Believe it. And do it for you, Sugar.   You deserve all the good vibes that come from being your best self.