Summer is almost here, and we all know what means: it’s vacay time!

There’s no better feeling than relaxing on a beach lounger with a book, getting sore legs from exploring a new city, or just taking some much-needed time off to get away and hang out with those near and dear.

And no matter how long the trip you’re planning is, whether it’s a four-week European vacay or a three-night coastal getaway, you’ll need to pack a bag.

For lots of people, that’s where the stresses of a vacation start – the packing. There’s a lot to think about when determining what to bring – the type of trip, how long you’ll be there, the weather, and your mode of transport.

Aside from the absolute essentials, like passports, undergarments, clothes, toiletries, chargers and shoes, there are a few items people often forget to pack – but wish they had.


A reusable water bottle

You use a reusable water bottle at home, so why not take it on vacay with you? Make sure it’s light to carry, and won’t leak or open easily. This will make sure you stay hydrated, and will save the pennies you’d otherwise spend on buying plastic water bottles.


A diffuser

Diffusers have such a rich variety of purposes, but when traveling – they’re especially useful to clean out the air in your new hotel, resort or Airbnb room. They can also assist with jetlag, helping you fall asleep with a few drops of lavender oil.


Hand Sanitizer

Hygiene standards can vary from destination to destination, so you may not always have access to soap and water in every situation. That’s where hand sanitizer comes in to save the day – it cleans your hands, no water needed. Raw Sugar’s Hand Sanitizer in Peppermint + Sea Salt is gentle on sands and nourishes them while clearing them of all germs – it won’t irritate or dry out your mitts.


A quick-dry towel

Having a quick-dry towel to pack in your carry-on is a clever idea. They’re lightweight, so they won’t weigh down your luggage, and they’ll come in very handy if you find your Airbnb doesn’t have any towels in it. If you’re doing any sort of hiking or outdoor activities, a towel is a must-have.


Lip balm

Travelling can really dry out your lips – especially if you’re spending extended amounts of time on the plane.Add increased outdoor activity and time in the sun and wind to the mix, and you’ve got a recipe for parched lips. It’s wise to bring along lip balm to keep your lips moisturized and free from chapping. We love Raw Sugar’s Pineapple + Maqui Berry + Coconut Lip Balm for its ultra-soothing, all-natural properties.


Emergency Snack

We all know the feeling of being hungry while travelling, but not having immediate access to food. Perhaps because we haven’t converted our money yet, or maybe because we arrive at our destination in the wee hours of the morning. Snacks like protein bars, nuts, and canned foods are good ones because they aren’t perishable and will keep for a while.


Body Butter

Nothing kills your vibe on a vacay like dry skin. In super humid, hot or cold environments, a body butter will be your best friend. Lather on a layer of Raw Sugar’s Body Butter in Raw Coconut + Mango every night before bed and after your shower, and you’ll feel silky, smooth and well cared for.


Get vacay ready now with Raw Sugar essentials!