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What Your Color Choice says About Your Personality Traits

Whether you’re a spiritual being or simply looking at moving onwards and upwards in the differents aspects of your life, there is a lot to be said about your personality type based on your color preference. The simple notion that your color preference denotes your personality or character is of course, not exactly literal, but it is a great way to get us to think inwardly about some traits and tendencies that we may have, and how we can work to use them to build a happy and positive life. Take a look and see what your color choice says about you:

  • Green

Image via Gerard Adriaanse

The color of nature – often associated with a feeling of tranquility, thus might reflect character traits of balance and equilibrium. If green appeals to you, it can also mean that you have traits of affection, loyalty, and frankness; which working together create a fair and honest character.

  • Blue

Image via Lisa

If you choose blue as your color of preference, psychologists tend to agree that the calming sensation of the color reflects characteristics of harmony, reliability, sensitivity, trust, and responsibility.  People who like the color blue tend to be empathetic towards others and in return build strong and great friendships.

  • Red

Image via ASENT

The color of love! Lovers of red are generally associated with the personality traits of an extrovert nature. The bright, bold tone of the color and your preference of it can reflect a desire and boldness to live life to the fullest. This means you may sometimes make impulsive decisions, however, you most definitely have a clear perspective and opinion, which you will gladly share in the right situation.

  • Black

Image via Bridget

Although the color black is often associated with prestige and power, psychologists believe that lovers of the color black can often be sensitive, caring and creative. With this mix of power and sensitivity also comes the tendency to keep people at arm’s reach, so self-preservation can also be a powerful trait for those whose color of choice is black.

  • White

Image via Hunt

Logical, clutter-free and organized are the top descriptive words for character traits for people who like the color white. Presentation to those around you and to yourself may be important if you can relate to the traits above. You may also set high goals and standards for yourself as you are always striving for your own personal version of perfection.

  • Yellow

Image via Anne Thomas

Much like the sun itself, yellow lovers are often associated with being givers of joy, happiness, and warmth. The association between the color yellow and the sun means that that happiness is super important to you, and you tend to want to bring positivity to those around you. Because of this quest for happiness, you may also enjoy learning and sharing your knowledge with others.

  • Purple

Image via Elena Alexander

Psychologists often associate purple with an artistic or creative soul. This creativity can mean that you may be gentle and compassionate with others and extremely value the relationships around you. You also treat people with the utmost respect.

  • Pink

Image via We Heart It

Traditionally pink has been associated with femininity which might reflect a predisposition to nurturing and kindness. Although this color has transcended beyond traditions, psychologists will agree that people who prefer pink to other colors tend to be approachable, kind, loving and empathetic.

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