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Why it’s Important to Change up Your Daily Routine

Having a Routine and consistency is important for our day-to-day lives. It keeps the equilibrium in our busy schedules, but what happens when our routine becomes boring, stagnant or just plain non-beneficial? It’s important to be able to identify these traits by taking a step back and analyzing our daily routines. Why? Simply because you may not be the best version of you! Although daily routines help in achieving our overall goals and help us function as human beings, sometimes a change-up to your routine can greatly improve the quality of your life – it’s as simple as making a change today! Have a look at our top tips on how to change up your daily routine below:

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Self Care Routine

What better place to start looking at your habits and daily routine, than in your bathroom! Just because you have a daily self-care routine doesn’t mean it’s working. Think about your body and its ability to build up a tolerance to products once you’ve introduced regular exposure to it, for example, caffeine or antibiotics, and how we’ve become tolerant to them. Your self-care routine is the same!

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Hair Care

Synthetically enhanced hair care products can often appear to create drastic, short-term changes in the appearance and feel of our hair. The problem is, over time these products only superficially improve hair and scalp health and don’t actually contribute to healing and revitalizing our hair. In fact, most shampoos and conditioners contain silicone which over time builds up on the hair and can cause breakage as well as dehydration! So if this is the type of shampoo you’ve been using, there’s never been a better time to make a change and reap the rewards! Now, meet the hip, healthy & happy Hair Care line by Raw Sugar. Choose from two of our silicone, paraben and sulfate FREE, all-natural formulations that are made with organic extracts, and start seeing the long-term benefits your hair is craving today!

Keep your new hair care routine fresh, by making sure you switch between our shine enhancing and weightless Mango Butter + Agave + Carrot Oil Bounce Back formula or our strengthening Coconut + Agave + Sweet Almond Milk Moisture Smoothie formula. By trying different formulations, you’ll give your hair the ability to recoup and regroup and prepare it for absorbing the beneficial properties of each healthy ColdPressed formulation – stressed out dull hair will be a thing of the past!

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Skin Care

You guessed it same idea as above.. if you’re consistently using the same skin and beauty care products over time (especially if they contain chemicals) you will see your skin health reach a plateau stage. This stage means that your skin isn’t really improving and in fact, your skin care needs may have adapted to the product and need a change! The solution? It’s time to find the all-natural, skin quenching lotion, sugar scrub or body butter that works for you! Whether you’re after a new soothing sensitive skin Body Lotion (try our Almond Milk + Agave + Oatmeal Body Lotion) or are looking for a Body Scrub that can brighten and smooth the appearance of your skin (Like our Raw Coconut + Mango Body Scrub) then it’s time to get #Rawlovin Sugar!

Don’t forget, once you make the switch to Raw Sugar, make sure to change it up – don’t let your skin get complacent. Give your skin the chance to absorb the healthy and beneficial properties of each hand-crafted, all-natural formulations that we offer.
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Exercise Habits

First of all, a regular exercise routine deserves a HUGE pat on the back! In this day and age, we all know that exercise plays an important part in staying healthy and improving our physical being, mood, and overall health. Did you know that following the same work-out routine overtime creates a drastic drop in results and benefits? Your body adapts to this routine and your muscles become familiar with the same notions and movements, therefore they don’t experience new and challenging maneuvers (that means you are also probably neglecting plenty of other muscles). You even increase the chances of injuring those muscles that you ARE exercising, due to overuse.  

The solution? It’s time to change your exercise routine! Changing up your work out regularly means you are always using new muscles and constantly challenging your body. Try exercises that use multiple muscle groups at the same time – This helps give you a more efficient workout when it comes to burning calories and building muscle. Plus, changing up your exercise regularly will stimulate your mind too! Keeping things fresh means youre more likely to keep benefiting your body and your motivation levels up!

Image via @stonefoxsweat

Diet Focus

Our diet plays an important role in the overall functioning of our day-to-day lives. Feeling sluggish? You may be missing some crucial Vitamins and Minerals in your diet. Although Vitamin and Mineral supplements are a common care in our everyday diets and food plans, sometimes they may not be necessary. Due to the fact that we as humans tend to develop habits over time (some being good, and some not so good), we can become complacent in our consumption of products. For instance, are there any supplements that you are taking that are not necessary or relevant for you personally? It’s important to change and monitor the products we are consuming. If you were taking supplements due to a deficiency it could be time for a checkup, to see if this is working… as you know, too much of anything is not always good for you.

In the same sense, your current diet plan may also be excluding important fats and sugars that your body needs to function. Cutting out food items completely can be detrimental to our bodies. Not only does this mean our bodies may be lacking crucial Vitamins and Minerals, but it can also mean our bodies have adapted without them, causing our tolerances to such foods to decrease. It’s a good idea to try to re-introduce foods that you may have cut out over time to help your body familiarize itself with it. Eating healthy doesn’t mean cutting out products – it means keeping a balanced and sustainable diet.

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