There’s a lot of hype, controversy and fear surrounding the use of chemicals in beauty products, and, for good reason.  Your skin absorbs 60% of the ingredients you place on it and within as little as 26 seconds, the ingredients you put on your skin are swimming around your bloodstream.  If that isn’t reason enough to make the switch, other benefits of going natural range from being kinder to Mother Earth to being kinder to animals and avoiding ugly side effects.  


Preserving our planet means avoiding products made from chemical ingredients that can have a negative impact on our environment.  By choosing natural products we’re reducing the demand for the production of toxic chemicals. That means less harmful residue being disposed into our waterways and landfills. 


When deciding to go natural, remember, everything your body absorbs impacts the way your body functions and feels.  Going natural is a good choice for you, your health, your wellness, your peace of mind and our planet.