Summer is the happiest time of year. The beach trips, the al fresco dining, the mango!


But all that fun has a price… and it usually falls on your hair. The salt water, chlorine, and rays can get our locks looking particularly frazzled during the sun’s reign – and not to mention the effect heated styling tools can have on your hair.


That’s why, sometimes, a simple shampoo-and-conditioner routine isn’t enough. When your hair is under extra stress, it needs extra love – and that’s where a hair mask comes in.


What exactly is the difference between conditioner and a hair mask, you ask?

A hair mask is simply more intense in its moisturizing prowess. Masks have increased levels of conditioning ingredients in them than regular conditioners, so they’re richer in nutrients and hydration.


And why exactly do you need one? 

There are many reasons, but here are the most important ones:


Deep Hydration

Taking a few extra minutes in the shower with a hair mask will work wonders at moisturizing, nourishing and hydrating your strands. Raw Sugar’s Hair Masques are filled with potent natural oils and super ingredients that feed hair minerals and vitamins it needs to be restored back to hydration.  Our Masques deeply penetrate, meaning your hair is healthy from the inside out.



Using a hair mask is a powerful way to restore and strengthen your hair. Aside from sun exposure, if you also color and bleach your locks, it might be in need of a little extra TLC. Raw Sugar’s Healing Power Hair Masque features Banana Oil, which is rich in potassium, natural oils, carbohydrates and vitamins – all working to help soften the hair and protect its hair natural elasticity, preventing it from breaking. 


Promotes Growth

Ever wondered why, at a certain point, your hair just seems to stop growing? It’s because for most of us, our hair has an end point – and it simply refuses to grow past it. So what happens when we try to force our hair past its breaking point is that it starts to fall out rather than growing – which doesn’t really give us our desired results. However, the more you work at strengthening your strands, the longer your hair will grow before splitting. So if you’re willing your locks to just grow, our Hair Masques will help get you there. They go straight into the roots for a deep, intense conditioning treatment – meaning your hair will gradually get stronger and grow longer. 


Smoothes and Shines

Sick of dull-looking strands? A mask is just might have the juice your hair is thirsty for. Unlike just your ordinary conditioner, our Hair Masques work their way deep into the hair cuticle – rather than just working the surface. Their bucket-loads of hair-saving vitamins and nutrients deeply nourish hair – and restore lustre, softness and shine.


So if you want to love your hair back to life, choose between our Healing Power Hair Masque (Avocado + Banana Oil + Coconut Milk + Agave) and All That Shines Hair Masque (Grapefruit + Kale + Lemon + Orange Peel Oil) for a solution that sticks. And remember, use your mask twice a week for best results. Wishing you many good hair days ahead!