Winter is coming.  And though we won’t be fending off any White Walkers, we will be battling some seriously dry skin. Winter weather, heaters and the dry air can leave skin dry, itchy and flaky. So how do you get and keep a hydrated winter glow?  
We call it the Holy Trinity. Clean. Exfoliate. Hydrate. To cleanse, start with products that are gentle, contain natural, plant-derived ingredients and stay far away from anything with sulfates or parabens. You may even want to try a formula for sensitive skin during this time. Raw Sugar Green Tea, Cucumber + Aloe Vera Body Wash for Sensitive Skin is the perfect go-to. It’s extra gentle and moisturizes as it cleanses.  
Exfoliation is key to sloughing off the dry stuff so moisturizers can penetrate the skin. Raw Sugar Sugar Scrubs full of natural raw sugar and Cold Pressed enzyme-rich fruit oils gently exfoliate but don’t dry out skin. Instead, they leave a soft,  protective moisture veil so skin is left refreshed and glowing.  
The final step is hydration. In warmer months you might be able to get away with an every day light lotion, but now is the time to dig in to richer creams that nurture your skin with botanical extracts, vitamins and natural butters like Shea and Coconut. Raw Sugar Body Butters are the perfect texture and melt into skin with mood-boosting scents and plant-derived ingredients that are deeply nourishing and restorative.  
Winter is your time to shine.  Find all the products mentioned in this article HERE