Our Self Care Ethos

Truth. Love. Sugar. 
Raw Sugar was built on the idea that everyone deserves to feel beautiful and has the right to affordable, clean, healthy self care. It’s our Clean For All philosophy and one that comes purely from a place of knowing that self care is good for your mental health and contributes to SELF LOVE. When you love yourself, you’re able to own who you are and step into the most authentic and powerful version of yourself and share your unique beauty and light with the world around you. Showing up in your raw truth will lead you to the sugar — what we call the sweet stuff of life.  
What is Self Care?
Self care encompasses practices that help nurture your physical, mental, spiritual and social well being. In essence, doing something that helps your body, mind or soul feel good. There are an endless number of ways you can practice self care, from simple tactics like developing your weekly clean rituals at home, prioritizing sleep, taking a walk in the sunshine or scheduling in a warm soak in the tub to more indulgent practices like facials, massages or esoteric self-healing modalities like Reiki, sound baths or joining a local yoga studio. Know this — you don’t have to spend a lot to love yourself a lot. Simple, consistent prioritization of self care will have a greater effect on your wellness than the occasional indulgence.  
What We Believe About Self Care: 
Self care doesn’t have to be expensive. 
Self care is a daily practice. 
Self care promotes more love of self and awareness of needs. 
Self care can help teach boundaries that support self worth.  
Self care isn’t selfish. 
Self care doesn’t have to take a lot of time. 
Self care doesn’t mean you don’t love or want to be with your loved ones. 
Self care can help you you reconnect with your body, heart and soul.   
Self care can improve self esteem and confidence in your abilities. 
Self care may help bring balance to your life. 
Self care can help reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety. 
Self care makes you feel good. 
Self care can model healthy habits for children and others in your life. 
Self care contributes to better energy and can make you feel lighter and more present. 
Self care can have a positive ripple effect on everything in your life. 
No-Cost Self Care Basics: 
• Prioritizing 7-8 hours of sleep 
• Developing a simple, clean, bathing and grooming routine that you follow consistently 
• Incorporate exercise whether low or high intesity 
• Eating whole foods 
• Drinking enough water 
• Keeping your home or space clean and decluttered 
• Listening to your inner voice and learning how to move away from negative self talk 
• 5-10 minutes a day of meditation and intentional breathing to help manage stress  
• Gratitude journaling 
• Getting 15 minutes a day of sunshine or grounding in nature 
• Learning about emotional boundaries and examining places in your own life where they may be beneficial. 
10 Minutes or Less Self Care Ideas: 
• Walk around the block. 
• 5-10 minutes of intentional breath work
• Journal. 
• Do a guided meditation on Insight Timer or Calm.
• Plan 2-3 healthy meals you’ll cook this week. 
• Walk barefoot or sit in some grass or in nature to ground yourself
• Write a self love affirmation you will repeat in your mind through the day. 
• Stretch and hold poses for 30 seconds each. 
• Sit in a cozy spot and have some tea. 
• Get still. Put your hand on your heart and tune in to the messages you get.  
• Be in the sunshine
• Put on upbeat music and dance to 3 of your favorite songs. 
• Set small goals: write down 3 small goals to accomplish within the next 48 hours. 
 Exfoliate and moisturize your skin.  
• Take a 7 minute shower with an upbeat scent and alternate with hot and cold water.
• Become present: sit with your eyes close and listen to your breath and notice the sounds around you. 
• Research a new hobby. 
• Snuggle with your child or fur baby. 
• Connect with a friend.

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