Water for People Spotlight

Imagine a World Without Access To Clean Water. 
Water for People Spotlight 
Raw Sugar Living was built on the idea of healthy self care made affordable and accessible to all.  But what if you couldn’t even wash your hands because there was no water? What if you couldn’t shower or flush waste? What if you had to walk miles with an empty jug to find clean water when your family was thirsty? Imagine for a brief second what a life without access to clean water or sanitation services would be like. Well, this is a crisis for millions of people across the globe, and why we are so proud of our partnership and commitment to Water For People through our Raw Sugar Initiative. 
Water for People’s own mission is also about accessibility. They were founded in 1991 on the principle of developing clean water and sanitation services, accessible for all. Water For People is an international non governmental organization that has supported 4.7 million people to date in gaining access to clean water and helping over 2 million households gain access to some form of sanitation services. A world without clean water is not a safe one. If the ongoing water and sanitation crisis doesn’t change, by 2030 1.6 Billion people will lack access to safely managed drinking water, 2.8 Billion will lack safely managed sanitation and 1.9 Billion will lack basic hygiene facilities. Of those numbers, the more vulnerable populations like women, children, the elderly and those with disabilities are most affected and are at a severe disadvantage in regard to health, education, safety and social and economic equity. 
One of our pillars of our Clean For All philosophy is Clean Community. We launched our initial Raw Sugar Initiative with a single bar of soap and the belief that people are only as beautiful as they feel. And, we all know its hard to feel beautiful when you don’t feel clean. Our Initiative has grown beyond the 16 million bars of soap donated, to supporting Water for People and other organizations with vital contributions. YOU make that possible. Every time you purchase a Raw Sugar Living product, it enables us to continue giving to Water for People and the essential, crucial work they are doing in our world. Thank you for being our partner on this journey to provide a cleaner world where more and more people can feel clean, loved and cared for. 

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