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Selfcare is our passion. Raw Sugar products are made with clean, good for you ingredients & cold-pressed extracts, yet balanced by science—leaving us with clean formulations cleansing and replenishing us from head to toe.

We didn't stop there...We patented our own Cold Press Technology® to preserve, extract and deliver the purest, richest, most nutrient dense extracts to love your skin from the outside in. We don’t use any chemicals or heat in our extraction process to degrade the potency or efficacy or our formulas. Instead, our unique process maintains the integrity of the whole plant, fruit, nut, tree or flower to provide vitamin rich, exceptionally pure essential oils to nourish and revitalize your skin, hair and soul.

We also believe and practice Clean Sourcing. Learn More

almonds on marble


Nourish your skin and moisturize hair with almonds—packed with nutrients, this beneficial ingredient can help boost your skin and hair's softness, it's nutty.

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slice of aloe vera

Aloe Vera

Gently nourish and soothe with Aloe Vera—it's an allover powerhouse to thanks to its many nourishing properties.

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slice of avocado


An ingredient that helps you say goodbye to dry and dehydrated skin. Give your skin a drink of hydration and revive hair with this dynamic, yet light ingredient.

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charcoal on marble


Boost your hair and skin with this powerfully cleansing ingredient—and feel fresh and revived!

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coconut halve on wooden surface


We're "coco-nutty" for coconut as it promotes moisture on the skin and leaves hair feeling soft. Nourish yourself from head to toe with this powerful yet gentle ingredient.

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eucalyptus leaves


Uplift and recharge—Eucalyptus is a refreshing and aromatic ingredient that will help keep your skin fresh and renewed.

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green tea in mug next to flowers

Green Tea

Here's the tea: this calming ingredient is gentle while it softens and nourishes. Reinvigorate skin with this powerful antioxidant-rich extract.

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half of lemon


When life gives you lemons, add them to your personal care routine. This citrus ingredient promotes smoother skin and provides softening properties.

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mango slices on white background


A potent and powerful ingredient, mango helps to softens dry and tired skin. This sweet extract also promotes rejuvenation of the hair and body.

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half of pineapple


Get your glow on. This tropical ingredient revives and refreshes skin.

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rose bud


Nourish and love your skin while boosting its moisture—this lush and beautiful ingredient helps reinvigorate skin as it soothes.

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half of strawberry


Packed with benefits, this sweet and organic berry helps nourish, revive, and strengthen strands—promoting healthier looking hair.

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tea tree leaves on white background

Tea Tree

Achieve nourished, clean, and vibrant hair with this refreshing ingredient. Tea tree helps to get rid of product build up while adding a beautiful bounce to hair.

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vanilla bean stalk


Get soft skin with this sweet ingredient. Vanilla promotes clean and refreshed skin while leaving a warm smell.

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watermelon half


Boost your glow with this hydrating fruit extract. Watermelon is used to refresh skin while promoting beauty from the outside in.

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