5 Weekend Rituals that’ll Help You Relax and Prepare for the Week Ahead

Posted By Raw Sugar on November 15, 2017


The weekend presents the perfect opportunity to recharge your creative batteries and refill your well.

While the working week (traditional or not) is necessary to keep us engaged, motivated and stimulated – for many of us, the time between 5pm on Friday and 6am on Monday is where we fit in the things that bring us real pleasure. It’s also a good time to set up weekend rituals that drive us to lead a more purposeful everyday and make the week ahead run more smoothly.

By instilling just a few simple checkpoints into your weekend – you can set up for a more creative, focused, energetic and meaningful five days ahead.

Because a weekend well spent brings a week of content.


Load up on your weekly fruit and veg at the farmers market

By stocking up on your weekly groceries early on in the weekend, you’re immediately eliminating one thing you’ll have to think about during the week. And by hitting a fresh farmers market, what could be perceived as an arduous chore becomes an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. Meet the makers. Talk to the farmers. Understanding where your food is coming from – and we promise, you’ll feel more inspired to get crafty with your meal plans and culinary creations throughout the week.


Go on an adventure to a new place

Whether your idea of an adventure is embarking on an epic hike up a mountain or taking a relaxed road trip to a secluded beach – exploring new terrain and reconnecting with nature is one of the best ways to reset your mind over the weekend.

Escaping the hustle of the city and tuning in to the sounds of the natural environment bring us back down to earth (pardon the pun), and in turn, makes us feel more balanced, gratified and content.



Make an energizing morning smoothie

Morning smoothies are a great way to feed the body a big dose of its daily vitamins in one quick go. Plus, they’re easy to make and can be prepared in less than 5 minutes. The beauty of inserting the morning smoothie ritual into your Sunday is that it’ll help you feel naturally energized and uplifted, and help ward off those dreaded #Sundayblues feels.



Journal your plan for the week

Penciling in a strategic plan for the week ahead will help you gain traction and be better prepared for the next day. Because, if we’re honest – when that alarm goes off on Monday morning, many of us hit panic mode and scramble to get everything done at the very last minute before heading out the door.

Whether you’re mapping out your days, writing affirmations or creating intentions – taking a little of time to preview, consider and plan for the week will help you feel more structured, relaxed and dare we say it… excited for Monday. 



Draw a bath… and unwind

Bath time is your time to relax and put the hustle on hold. If you’re indeed blessed to live in a home that has a bath, it is a truly serene experience – and the perfect way to finish your weekend on a calm note. With the busyness and bustle of the working week, it can be hard to find the time to draw a bath between Mon-Fri – making Sunday evening your perfect window of opportunity. Plus, it’ll help ease your mind, soothe your soul, and allow you to rejuvenate and recharge in a meaningful way.

Grab a good book (or don’t!), play some chill tunes, sit back and leave the world behind. Monday will thank you for it.

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