A Gift for Every Zodiac Sign

Align With the Stars. 
"What’s your sign?" isn’t a pick up line. It can actually be a small window into someone’s personality traits and personal preferences. In astrology, we look to the stars for direction, for wisdom, insight and advice, so why not look to the stars to align with the best holiday gifts? 
We asked the night sky to guide us on this zodiac inspired Raw Sugar Gift List. Find your person’s sign, and start adding to cart. After all, the universe is on your side.  

March 21-April 19 

Element: Fire 
Ruling Planet: Mars
Symbol: The Ram
Associated with First House of Self
Colors: Red and Mustard 
Character Traits: Magnetic,  Vivacious, Enthusiastic, Fearless, Competitive,  Active, Adventurous. 
Gift Ideas:
For Active Aries: Instill even more confidence for your competitive and fearless friend with a trio of our lush Deos in Coconut + Lime, Watermelon + Hibiscus, Eucalyptus + Fresh Mint.

Volume Revive Shampoo + Conditioner for hair as bold as their personality.   

Strawberry + Vanilla Bath Fizzers to make the bath an adventure for your vivacious little Aries.

RAW Fun Gift Set complete with slime goo to keep them active in the bath and embrace their fearless, fun side. 

April 20-May 20

Element: Earth Sign 
Ruling Planet: Venus
Symbol: The Bull 
Associated with the Second House of Money and Value.  
Colors: Green + Light Pink 
Traits: Stable, Patient, generous, abundant, Nourishing, Grounded, Luxury and Comfort Loving. 
Gift Ideas: 
For your luxury loving earth sign, try scents that reflect an  earthy, grounded sensibility.

Raw Men Epsom Salt Body Wash + Soak in  Eucalyptus + Green Clay

Stuff Stockings with the Men's Bar Soap Duo in clean and confident Eucalyptus + Cedar Leaf.

A rich, creamy and indulgent hair masque is a luxury they'll love. Try the Healing Power Hair Masque.

Little bulls will love luxuriating in a bath full of bubbles and fizzy bath bombs with the Bath Time Joy Gift Set.     

May 21- June 20 

Element: Air 
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Symbol: The Twins 
Associated with Third House of local community, short distance travel, siblings and communication. 
Colors: Yellow and Blue 
Traits: Witty, Versatile Curious, Explorative, Intelligent, Talkative, Quick Witted, Life of the Party.  

Because they're a twin, give these gifts in twos wrapped in a bow.
For your vivacious and  talkative twin sign, some Natural Lip Balm to keep their lips hydrated during all the witty convos and adventures.  Try of our most uplifting scents wrapped in a bow. Try Pineapple Maqui Berry + Coconut, Watermelon + Fresh Mint.

To keep them party ready with soft as butter skin, try a duo of Sugar Scrub and Body Butter in bright Pineapple, Maqui Berry + Coconut. 

The LUSH little duo gift pack with Lip Balm and Body Lotion is a perfect stocking stuffer.

Little Geminis will love a twin pack of Strawberry monster buddies:
Kids 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner in Strawberry + Kiwi  paired with
Kids 2-in-1 Body Wash + Bubble Bath in Strawberry Vanilla

June 21-July 22 

Element: Water 
Ruling Planet The Moon planet 
Symbol: Crab  
Associated with the fourth house of home and family 
Colors: Silver and White 
Traits: Home bodies, rooted, domestic, emotional, driven, intuitive, nurturing, compassionate. 
Gift Ideas:
For your home-body homies and domestic goddesses that are always caring for others, try gifts that help them nurture themselves. 

Luxurious Body Butter

Body Lotion in Sensitive Skin Green Tea + Cucumber + Aloe 

Nutrient Rich Hand Wash in Hibiscus + Rose Hip

And help them soothe and relax with a body loving Epsom Salt Bath Soak in
Hibiscus + Argan.

Raw Radiance Gift Set to polish their shine. 

July 23-August 22 

Element: Fire 
Ruling Planet, The Sun 
Symbol: The Lion 
Colors: Gold and Purple 
Associated with fifth house of joy, pleasure, sex, children and dating.  
Traits: Statement Makers, Loves to Shine, Bold, Audacious, Warm, Magnetic, Ambitious, Pleasure Seeker.  
Gift Ideas: 
Leo's tarot card is the sun so give your lion a gift that is bold, warm and sunny. 
Shop the perfect sunny scent, in Lemon Sugar everything here.

Why not give  the extra large 40oz Body Wash in Raw Coconut + Mango to match their go big or go home personality?

Strength is what Leo's run. This RAW STRENGTH 4 piece set is the perfect gift. Or this growth reviving and hair thickening 2-in-1 Shampoo/Conditioner + Hair and Scalp Care. 

Little Lions will love our 2-in-1 Foamy Hand + Face Wash in fierce and fun monster bottles so they can keep their roar clean and mean. 

August 23 - Sept 22  

Element: Earth 
Ruling Planet, Mercury
Symbol: The Virgin 
Associated with the the Sixth House of work, health and daily routines. 
Colors: Tan and Warm Yellow 
Traits: Adaptable, Dependable, Attention To Detail, Perfectionist,  Cerebral, Detail Oriented, Industrious, Efficient. 
Gift Ideas:
Virgos are known for their efficiency so anything 2-in-1 or one of our one and done gift sets will help them get the job done and feel extra productive.

Try The Glow Guys Gift Set to keep Virgo men feeling their best.

To match their celestial color palette, our Sensitive Skin Almond Milk + Agave + Oatmeal Body Wash

Efficiency and innovation combine with the Grow Pro Vegan Biotin Shampoo that helps stimulate growth and support longer, stronger hair.

Take the pressure of perfection off little ones and let them relax and enjoy with bubbles and fizzy bath bombs in this fun Bath Time Joy gift set. 

September 23 - October 22

Element: Air Sign 
Ruling Planet, Venus
Symbol: The Scales 
Associated with the Seventh House of commitment, partnerships and marriage. 
Colors: Ivory, Pink and Light blue 
Traits: Fair, Balanced, Driven, Social, Charming, Artistic, Harmonious, Diplomatic, Creative.  
Gift Ideas: 
Libras are all about balance and harmony. Scents that spark their peace loving nature will also delight.
Try anything in our Green Tea collection to bring balance to skin. The Whipped Scrub and Lotion make a harmonious and special gift. 

And Libra's love to charm and shine so stuff a stocking with the Endless Hair Glow Perfecting Dry Oil to give their hair a camera ready glow.

You can keep the peace with little Libras for an easy comb out using Leave In Detangler or Strong and Shiny Conditioning Leave In Cream. And don't forget the Slime Goo so they can use their artistic talents in the tub! 

October 23 - November 21 

Element: Water 
Ruling Planet Mars and Pluto
Symbol: The Scorpion 
Associated with 8th House of joint resources, intimacy ad transformation 
Colors: Red and Black 
Traits: Intense, Passionate, Willful, Determined, Emotionally Deep, Intuitive, Devoted, Compassionate.
Gift Ideas:
Scorpio is associated with the 8th House of transformation so products that help transform and amplify will be the perfect match.

The RAW Magic Gift Set will do wonders to tame their mane.

RAW Men's DETOX 2-in-1 Shampoo, Conditioner and Scalp Care will help clear out bad energy (and build up) and give their scalp a do-over.

For the compassionate side of Scorpios, help them love their skin a little more with lush Body Butter and Lotions.

Balance their intensity with the soft scent of Vanilla Bean in  our Simply Hand Wash, Deo and Body Wash. A great trio for a full clean routine. 

November 22 - December 21 

Element: Fire 
Ruling Planet: Jupiter 
Symbol: The Centaur/The Archer 
Associated with Ninth House of exploration, long distance travel, philosophy, law and spirituality. 
Colors: Maroon and Navy Blue 
Traits: Expressive, Larger than Life, Lucky, Worldly, Broad Minded, Philosophical, Optimistic, Happy.   
Gift Idea:
For your favorite fire sign who loves to travel, our Travel Essentials Holiday Get Away and Go Set  is a must.

Grab a cart full of airport friendly minis to help them stock up for their next adventure here.

Match our happiest scent with their innate optimism - Give Watermelon + Fresh Mint everything!
Wrap a basket full of Sugar Scrub, Body Wash, Hand Wash, Lotion and Lip Balm for all the happy vibes. 

Dec 22 - January 19 

Element: Earth 
Ruling Planet: Saturn 
Symbol: The Sea Goat 
Associated with the Tenth House of career, reputation, and goals. 
Colors: Brown and Khaki 
Traits: Hardworking, Ambitious, Determined, Practical, Dedicated, Resilient, Fair, Tenacious, Sentimental. 
Gift Ideas: 
For your sentimental Capricorn, anything in our Beach Rose scent is a must. We recommend the  Sensitive Skin Whipped Scrub, Nutrient Rich Hand Wash and Body Wash to bring relaxation to your hard working earth sign.

Their practical nature will love the exclusive, limited time only Raw Ritual Gift Set in Sparkling Pomegranate + Pear that comes with a trio of lush essentials.

For Capricorn Kids, give Bath Time Fun  to balance their practical side with their fun side. 

Jan 20 - Feb 18 

Element: Air 
Ruling planet:  Saturn and Uranus
Symbol: The Water Bearer 
Associated with the Eleventh House of greater communities, friendships, and dreams. 
Colors: Silver and Blue 
Traits: Humanitarian, Philanthropic, Intelligent, Inventive, Social, Dependable, Innovative, Empathetic, Rebellious. 
Gift Ideas:
For dreamy Aquarians, match their celestial color palette with Vanilla Bean + Sugar Body Wash,
The Moisture Smoothie Shampoo + Conditioner and stuff their stockings with the hard working, confidence boosting Vanilla Bean + Charcoal Deo.

For your Aquarian Men try the RAW Strength Gift Set.
Other gift options such as Citrus + Blue Agave Body Wash to keep them feeling fresh, or for deeper relaxation and muscle recovery, the Epsom Salt Body Wash & Soak in Cool Mint + Bamboo. 

Little aquarian dreamers can play their day away in the bath with Super Berry + Cherry Bubble Bath + Body Wash or our RAW Fun Gift Set!

Feb 19 - March 20

Element: Water
Ruling Planet Neptune and Jupiter 
Symbol: The Two Fishes 
Colors: Purple and White 
Associated with: Twelfth House of subconscious, hidden talents, and self. 
Traits: Compassionate, Loving, Eclectic, Magical, Intuitive, Dreamy, Self love, Awakened, Mystical, Soulful. 
Gift Ideas:
Your magical Pisces friends are all about the flow and soulful energy. Our top self care gifts for the sign that's all about self love are The RAW Magic Gift Set, The RAW Glow Gift Set and the soul awakening Epsom Salt Soaks in Lavender + Lemon Balm or Cool Mint + Bamboo for men.

For your little fish, water play is the way to go. Try Slime Goo or Fizzy Bath Bombs or Bath Time Fun Gift Set with bubbles and fizz. 

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