Better Sleep Month: Hacks to Help You Get Better Sleep

Posted By Raw Sugar on May 15, 2024

Hello sleep seekers! As we dive headfirst into National Sleep Month, let's get straight to the juicy stuff: hacking our way to better sleep for a healthier, happier you. It's time to roll up our sleeves and dive into the science-backed secrets of slumber and mindful practices that can elevate your sleep time and sleep quality. 
First things first, let's talk about why sleep isn't just downtime — it's prime time for your health. Research tells us that quality sleep isn't a luxury; it's a fundamental pillar of well-being. It's during those precious hours of shut-eye that our bodies perform essential maintenance tasks, repairs tissues, consolidates memories, and even fine-tunes our immune systems to help ward off illness. So, if you've ever doubted the power of a good night's sleep, consider this your wake-up call.
But here's the kicker: it's not just about logging hours under the covers; it's about snagging quality ZzZs. The magic number? Seven to nine hours is recommended for healthy adults, according to sleep experts. That's the sweet spot for optimal performance, mood regulation, and overall health. So, consider that, your sleep quota to aim for each night. 
The Brass Tacks of Sleep Hacks: 
Consistency is key when it comes to sleep. That means sticking to a regular bedtime and wake-up schedule—even on weekends. It might sound boring, but your body loves routine, and keeping things consistent helps regulate your internal clock for smoother, more restful sleep.
Create an evening self care routine that fosters a sense of wellbeing before bed time. It could include a nighttime shower with calming Body Wash Scents, a warm bath with an Epsom Salt Soak paired with soft music, or pampering your skin with lotions before you get in your pajamas. It feels so good to crawl into bed feeling clean and smelling good. 
Have good sleep hygiene too. Keep your sheets clean and smelling fresh by changing them once every week, two at tops, and make your bed in the morning. Its so much cozier to climb into a clean, well made bed. 
Journal, make a gratitude list or make to-do lists for the next day. Getting the things off your brain that will most likely keep your mind buzzing is the best way to release so you can sleep. Focusing on what you’re grateful for will also put you in a positive state of mind. 
Try Legs-Up-the-Wall pose for 10 minutes. The Legs-Up-the-Wall is all about relaxing your body and letting go of the tension you've been carrying. It is best known for calming your nervous system, but also may help improve circulation, aid in digestion and reduce leg swelling. Simply scoot your hips all the way up to a wall, extend legs up and lay back and relax. A pillow or bolster can be added for comfort. 
Put your screens to bed one hour before sleep time. We're talking smartphones, laptops, tablets and even TV. The blue light emitted by these devices messes with your body's natural sleep-wake cycle and stimulates your brain making it harder to drift off.  Even better, keep your phone out of your room while you sleep. 
Watch what you eat and drink in the hours leading up to bedtime. Avoid heavy, spicy meals and caffeine-laden drinks and alcohol if you're aiming for quality shut-eye. Stick to lighter dinners and swap that evening espresso for a soothing herbal tea. If you want to avoid waking up all night to go to the bathroom, stop drinking water or other liquids two to three hours before bedtime. 
Create a sleep sanctuary. We spend a third of our lives in bed so invest in a comfortable mattress and pillows, block out excess light with blackout curtains or an eye mask, and keep noise to a minimum with earplugs or a white noise machine if needed.
Try meditation apps or sleep music to help you drift off. Insight Timer, Headspace and Calm are all apps that provide some free options for sleep inducing meditations, calming music and even bedtime stories to help fully relax mind and body and put you to sleep faster. 
Rise and shine… First thing when you wake up, try and get 15 minutes of natural light exposure and morning sun. Take your coffee outside or walk your dog. Exposing your eyes to sunshine will help signal parts of your brain that help regulate your circadian rhythm.  
Here's to better sleep, better health, and a better you. Sweet dreams!

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