Can You Bring Deodorant on a Plane?

Posted By Raw Sugar on October 18, 2022

When you're planning a trip, you have a lot to think about. Where will you stay? What will you eat? What sights will you see? What activities will you participate in? All these questions can be fun and exciting to answer, but there is one that isn't quite as pleasant to consider: what will you pack?  

Packing for a trip can be overwhelming. You need to consider what the weather will be like, what you'll be doing, where you'll be dining and what the local customs and traditions are. For those flying out of U.S. airports, you also need to factor in the rules regarding what you can and can't bring on a plane. After all, no one wants to get held up at the security screening line due to a bag check or undergo the embarrassment of having something confiscated by U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents.

Unfortunately, TSA rules can be confusing, particularly when it comes to beauty and personal care products. One question that you may have when you're filling your toiletry bag is, "Can I bring deodorant on a plane?" The answer isn't a simple yes or no, but we'll explain it thoroughly in this post to help you pack for your next trip.

Can you take deodorant on a plane? 

It depends on the size and type. TSA deodorant rules allow you to bring the following types of deodorant onboard in a carry-on bag no matter the package size:

  • Stick or solid deodorant
  • Powdered deodorant
  • Crystal deodorant

For the following types of deodorant, the answer to the question, "Can I take deodorant on a plane ride?" is yes, but only if the package size is 3.4 ounces or less:

  • Spray deodorant
  • Gel deodorant
  • Liquid deodorant
  • Cream deodorant
  • Paste deodorant
  • Roll-on deodorant

If you're bringing along any of these types of deodorants, you must place them in a clear, zippered, quart-size, single-use plastic bag along with all the other liquid, cream, spray and paste toiletries that you're packing in your carry-on. Each passenger is only allowed one of these toiletry zippered bags. Before going through the metal detectors and x-ray machine, you'll place this bag in a plastic bin along with your shoes, electronics and other items to allow for easy inspection.

Can You Bring Deodorant in a Checked Bag?

Yes, you can bring deodorant in a checked bag. The TSA deodorant restrictions only apply to carry-on bags. If you plan to check your luggage, you can pack any type of deodorant. There are no limits on the size or number of deodorants you can place in checked baggage.

What Size Deodorant Can You Take on a Plane?

You can bring full-size deodorant if it is stick, solid, powdered, or crystal. However, you need to stay under 3.4 ounces for spray, gel, liquid, cream, paste, or roll-on deodorant. Raw Sugar Deodorants are in stick form, solid, and aluminum free deodorant, so it fits TSA deodorant requirements—you can bring any size on the plane.

How Big of Deodorant Can I Bring on a Plane?

There aren’t any size requirements for stick, solid, powdered, or crystal deodorants. However, stay under 3.4 ounces for spray, gel, liquid, cream, paste, or roll-on deodorant. 

Can You Bring Raw Sugar Deodorant on a Plane?

Raw Sugar Deodorant is ready to travel anywhere. It is a solid stick aluminum free deodorant, so the TSA doesn't require you to add it to your toiletry plastic bag or place limitations on the package size. This means you can just tuck it away in a convenient spot in your carry-on to use on your trip.

More About Raw Sugar Deodorant

Raw Sugar deodorant isn't just a great choice for bringing along on your next vacation. Our aluminum free deodorant offers many benefits for everyday use.


Many people are sensitive to ingredients found in conventional deodorants or are concerned about their health effects. Raw Sugar deodorants are free of many of these harsh substances. Each product in our collection is free of aluminum, talc, baking soda and propylene glycol, so you can use it without worry.


Most deodorants are scented to enhance their odor-fighting benefits. Many common fragrances used in deodorants are allergens or contain potentially harmful chemicals. At Raw Sugar, we're committed to providing the cleanest possible scents. Our deodorants have unique scent combinations that smell incredible and meet the strict safety standards set forth by the European Union for your peace of mind. Our scents include:


Our deodorants are capable of minimizing body odor throughout the day, and they work without interfering with your body's natural detoxifying perspiration process. When creating our clean deodorants, we start with adding clean ingredients and cold press extracts that are carefully chosen and preserve their beneficial nutrients. This helps to ensure that our formulas are as effective as possible.


At Raw Sugar, we're constantly looking for new ways to make our products more sustainable. Our deodorants come in plastic-free packaging that is biodegradable. This separates our collection from traditional deodorants with plastic sticks that will linger in landfills for years to come. In addition, our deodorants are cruelty-free and vegan, so you can feel even better using them at home and on the go.


Our aluminum free deodorant collection is specially designed for men and women who want an alternative to traditional deodorants. Made with clean ingredients, our aluminum free deodorants do not contain harsh chemicals.


Switching to Raw Sugar deodorants won't mean paying more to feel fresher throughout the day. Our 2-oz. sticks cost less than $10, and we offer free shipping on orders of $45 or more, allowing you to stock up and save.

So, to answer the question of “Can you take deodorant on a plane,” our short answer is yes—if it’s Raw Sugar. Get ready to pack for your next trip by shopping the Raw Sugar Deodorant line today.

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