Determine your Daily Fall Skin Routine Now

We’ve waved goodbye to the good vibes of summer so your skin may start to feel a little drier and maybe even itchy and irritated. Skin reacts to the environment so as fall arrives, we need to look at our skincare routine and make adjustments now to keep skin and hair soft, supple and protected in the cooler, drier weather ahead. Here are a few fall beauty hacks that may help.


Consider a thicker moisturizer. You need to pick the right products for the right time and weather. Light hydration may be perfect for sweat-prone summer skin, but when fall arrives, a more luxurious body butter may be exactly what you need to hydrate, deeply nourish and form a layer of protection against dry air.


Exfoliate, but do it gently. You want to keep up an exfoliation regime in fall but using a product that contains hydrating essential oils is key to reducing dryness. The Raw Sugar Sugar Scrubs are made with Cold Pressed enzyme-rich fruit oils that gently exfoliate but leave a soft protective moisture veil so skin is left glowing and revived rather than exfoliated and dry.


Add Vitamin C products to your routine. Vitamin C not only helps protect skin from free radicals, it evens out skin pigmentation, which helps to boost collagen production resulting in a brighter, happier skin.


Add a weekly hair masque. Hair gets just as dry as skin in autumn and winter months so adding a restorative hair masque once a week will help repair damage that dry weather does to keep your hair soft, shiny, bouncy and beautiful.


Buy a humidifier. Especially if you’re running a heater in the house or office, a humidifier will help keep skin from drying out while you work or sleep. Basically, the more moisture in the air, the more moisture in your skin.


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