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Posted By Cherry Thongthavikiat on February 15, 2019

At Raw Sugar, we believe being clean matters.

And we also know that no strand or pore is created equal. They’re as unique as the people they’re part of.

That’s why we’re always working away at creating and crafting even more products, in the hopes you’ll find ‘the one’ for you – in case you already haven’t, that is. And of course, there’s nothing better than adding to rotating collection of healthy, pure, eco-friendly products that love your skin, and your hair, as much as you do.

So we’re very excited, and just a little bit proud, to introduce you to our NEW selection of super sweet products – designed to take your beauty routine to the next level.

Raw Sugar Foam Bath – Raw Coconut + Mango

Get ready to have some good, clean fun with this concoction of Raw Coconut + Mango! Hypnotizing you with its tropical scent and rejuvenating properties, this foaming liquid will make your next bath feel like it’s a vacation – and your skin will reap the benefits of its rich vitamin-packed nutrients.

Raw Sugar Foam Bath – Lemon Sugar

Keep calm and foam it up with this uplifting Lemon Sugar blend. With all the skin-loving benefits of citrus, this silky bath additive will calm your mood and perk you up from a flat day. Bye bye stress, hello relaxation.


Raw Sugar Foam Bath – Pineapple + Maqui Berry + Coconut

A tropical, spa-like retreat at home? Don’t mind if we do! A superfood smoothie for the skin, this foaming liquid will transform any bath into a nutrient-bomb made with a blend of Pineapple, Maqui Berry, and Coconut Fruit Extract.



Raw Sugar Truly Unruly Shampoo – Avocado + Apple Cider Vinegar + Rosemary Oil

Tame wild tresses with Truly Unruly! Give your hair a deep cleanse while giving it extra oomph, and without weighing down your bouncy curls. Fortified with rich Avocado, cleansing Apple Cider Vinegar, and healing Rosemary Oil – this apple cider vinegar shampoo will highlight the true beauty of your curls and be done with frizz and flyaways.

Raw Sugar Truly Unruly Conditioner – Avocado + Apple Cider Vinegar + Rosemary Oil

You’ve officially found your new secret weapon for controlling curls and frizz. This conditioner is here to rescue your tresses, packing a punch with an infusion of Avocado, Apple Cider Vinegar, and Rosemary Oil to intensely hydrate, soften and restore.



Raw Sugar Moisture Loving Body Wash – Watermelon + Fresh Mint

Good vibes and glowing skin? We’ll take it! Infuse a burst of freshness into your skin with this uplifting combination of Watermelon + Fresh Mint, created to give thirsty skin a big drink of vitamins and invigoration. Stay juicy, sugar!

Raw Sugar Moisture Loving Body Wash – Avocado + Cactus Pear

Bathe your skin with vitamin-rich blend made with nourishing Avocado and enriching Cactus Pear. This moisture-rich, intensely hydrating body wash both revives and cleanses – it’s a double threat!


Raw Sugar Moisture Loving Hand Wash – Watermelon + Fresh Mint

Feel fresh and cool every time you wash your hands with this moisture-loving hand wash. A refreshing, aromatic blend made with Watermelon and Fresh Mint, this hand wash will condition dry, dull hands, while fully cleansing them. It’s the best way to get clean, great-smelling hands without losing any moisture.


Raw Sugar Moisture Loving Hand Wash – Avocado + Cactus Pear

What a treat! This lush blend made with nutrient rich Cactus Pear and creamy Avocado makes for a super refreshing hand wash. This vitamin-packed, enriching hand wash softens and promotes naturally brightened skin while giving you smooth, happy hands.



Raw Sugar Raw Boost – Coconut + Soy Protein

Does your hair need a boost? You’ve just found it. We’ve packed this hair savior with Soy Protein for extra shine and Coconut Oil to restore hair health and repair breakage. In just one quick, leave-in treatment – your hair will get the extra love it needs and feel oh so soft and lush. Shiny, healthy hair is just one treatment away.


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