Self Care For Men: Prioritizing your Hygiene and Grooming

Posted By Raw Sugar on November 25, 2019

Self-care and good hygiene should always come first. Guys who practice self-care make time in their day to reflect on how they may improve. It goes beyond leading a healthy lifestyle. Hygiene is crucial to self-care since it affects how we interact with people and feel. 

This blog discusses the value of good personal hygiene for men in the context of self-care. We'll discuss maintaining excellent hygiene practices, share men's hygiene tips, choosing items that keep you clean and well-groomed throughout the day, and much more. So, let's delve into how to have good hygiene. 

What is Self-Care, and Why Is It Important? 

Self-care is any routine or action you actively undertake to look after your bodily, intellectual, and emotional health. Even while it can be, it's not self-pampering. Self-care entails setting aside time in your schedule to think about how you can better yourself. It involves such things as: 

  • Eating healthy 
  • Exercising regularly 
  • Getting enough sleep 
  • Managing stress 

Other forms of self-care include spiritual, social, financial, and professional self-care. Good self-care and personal hygiene are essential for: 

Men have unique needs regarding their grooming regimen, so focusing on men hygiene should be part of any self-care routine. 

Why Men Often Neglect Essential Self-Care Routine 

Sadly, men's self-care still carries a stigma. Performing rituals for your mental, emotional, and personal well-being is frequently viewed as unmanly or "girly." Men typically feel too ashamed to discuss self-care routines because they believe it makes them seem frail or fragile. 

This mindset has been passed down from one generation to the next and must change. Everyone can benefit from self-care; it is not gender-specific. 

How to Have Good Personal Hygiene as a Man 

Regardless of gender, maintaining good personal hygiene should be a part of daily self-care. Men should be mindful of their grooming practices and care for themselves. As a man, you should remember the following hygiene tips for men: 

Wear Deodorant 

Wearing deodorant is an essential part of self-care for men. It helps keep body odor at bay and keeps you fresh all day. Raw Sugar offers a range of good for you deodorants designed to protect you without harsh chemicals or toxins. Our Vanilla Bean + Charcoal, and Tea Tree + Sage deodorants will keep you feeling fresh while nourishing and hydrating your skin. It's perfect for those looking for a clean, safe way to smell great all day. 

Create a Skin Care Routine 

Proper skin care is essential for men's hygiene, as it shields the face from pollutants and maintains cleanliness. Skin types vary; some are oily, and others are dry. So, finding the right product for your skin type is key to keeping it healthy. 

Choosing the best cleanser, moisturizer and SPF is the key to caring for your skin. An easy skin care routine for men should include cleansing your face both in the morning and at night, applying moisturizer twice a day, and incorporate sunscreen or SPF once a day typically in the morning.  

You can also hydrate with a serum that has beneficial ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid or use vitamin C to protect your face from free radicals.  

Hit the Shower 

Regular showers are vital to maintaining optimum health. This not only washes away any sweat, dirt, and bacteria that may have accumulated on your skin but also removes any dead skin. This ensures your pores are clear, hence letting your skin function optimally. 

Regular showers can also help protect against rashes or other skin problems that could arise from environmental irritants. Raw Sugar has you covered when looking for a body wash that will fit your self-care needs. 

Our Eucalyptus + Cedar Leaf body wash is amazing for those seeking to invigorate their showers with the energizing scent of eucalyptus and cedar extracts. Similarly, our Charcoal + Bamboo body wash is ideal for individuals seeking nourishment. 

Men's Hygiene Essentials with Raw Sugar 

An essential component of men's self-care is good hygiene. It can increase confidence in your look and protect and maintain the health of your skin. Incorporating a skin care routine, consistently washing your clothes, hitting the shower with great products and keeping a healthy well-being all contribute to a great self-care routine.  

Don’t miss out on using Raw Sugar products to practice good hygiene. Formulated without ingredients like sulfates, parabens, or phthalates, we offer a variety of clean, good for you products. You can find the ideal ratio of cleanliness and hydration for your skin with Raw Sugar. 

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