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Helping People, the Planet and Communities. 

Bar of soap.. a simple, yet important item we often take for granted. That necessary bar of soap can do amazing things for a person’s health, self worth and confidence. Providing a bar of soap can unknowingly improve health and make us feel comfortable enough to put our best, most authentic self out in the world. This is why Eco Soap Bank is one of our partners for the Raw Sugar Initiative. Our partnership with Eco Soap Bank has helped us help millions of people get clean essentials while at the same time, bolstering the women’s work force and nurturing sustainability. 

Eco Soap Bank is a non-profit organization that recycles and redistributes soap to communities in need. They also help to improve hygiene and sanitation in developing countries. Their objectives include improving the health of underserved communities, reducing waste and supporting women's economic empowerment. 

As mentioned, Eco Soap Bank employs women and provides them with steady work, while working with clinics to provide soap as a preventative resource to patients. In doing so, they not only help create healthier habits, but a healthier economy and way of life in some of the world’s most at risk communities across the globe. 

Partnering together, we are able to have a significant impact on improving the health and wellbeing of communities in need, while also embracing a more eco-friendly approach to help keep our planet clean too. 

As a Raw Sugar customer, every time you purchase product, you play a part in giving back to communities in need. Your purchases enable us to work with organizations like Eco Soap Bank. We are proud to partner with you to give back and have a positive impact on the environment as well.

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