The Best Tips We’ve Heard on Self-Empowerment

Posted By Raw Sugar on July 24, 2022

Humans, we need to talk.

You know all those times you compare yourself to others, criticize your own reflection, or tell yourself you can’t do something because you’re not good enough, strong enough, or smart enough? It needs to stop… like now. We’re throwing negative self-talk out the window—and so are you.

It’s time for a shift—we’re moving from self-criticism to self-empowerment. The good news is all the tools you need to feel more empowered are already inside of you—you only need to learn how to harness and nurture them.

Here are the top tips on self-empowerment we’ve heard:


  1. Firstly, Challenge Negative Thoughts.

When you tell yourself you’re not capable of achieving something, you believe it. So, when negative thoughts about your own self-worth creep into your mind, challenge them instead of just accepting them as fact. Ask yourself, is this True? Because chances are—it’s not. Very few things are impossible—and a positive attitude the first step toward achieving your goals. Talk to yourself like you would to a very dear friend—with kindness… and just watch the transformation.

  1. Take Responsibility For Yourself.

Here’s a little tough love: sometimes we just need to step up and put our big-girl pants on. Creating excuses gets us nowhere, and neither does placing blame on others. When we start to accept responsibility for ourselves and our lives—we start to gain more and more control. And with control comes power, and with power comes achievement.

  1. Meditate

To totally accept yourself, it helps to really know yourself—inside and out. Whatever type of meditation you choose, it’s a great way of bringing you back to earth and connecting you back to yourself—and revealing to YOU sides of yourself you may have forgotten. Meditation also helps with energy levels—it rejuvenates body and mind, which helps you feel more stimulated, motivated and confident within yourself.

  1. Learn to Say "NO"

Sometimes, the simplest solution can be the hardest. Women especially find it difficult to say ‘no’, particularly when they feel like they’re letting someone down. Many of us feel obliged to agree to every request and would rather juggle an overwhelming amount than refuse to help—even if it means we end up with no time or energy for ourselves. But saying ‘no’ when you genuinely don’t want to or can’t do something will give you back your power—and even earn the respect of those around you. It will liberate you from the weight on your shoulders and give you more control over your time. ‘No’ is a very powerful tool, indeed.

  1. Trust the Process

Whatever you do, don’t give up on you. Be aware of the growth that is happening within you every day. The process of our growth is ongoing and sometimes not visible to the naked eye—keep going with your journey and you’ll see the results.

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