Why Use Bar Soap? 

Posted By Raw Sugar on July 06, 2023

Less Waste, Greater Sustainability. 
Let’s face it. Since the popularity of liquid soap exploded in the 1980's, there have been two camps; The Bar Soap Purist and the Liquid Soap Lovers — and so the debate began: is one better than the other? The answer, when it comes down to it, is that both Bar Soap and liquid soap do the job of removing dirt, germs and grime. So the question really is, what do you prefer and what might be other benefits to using a traditional bar of soap over liquid wash? 
Preference is undebatable. For the Bar Soap purists, is there anything that feels as indulgent as unwrapping a fresh bar of soap and lathering up for the first time? Especially with the Raw Sugar bar soaps and its unique shape.
The way it feels in your hand, the massaging nubs that put gentle pressure on your muscles as you wash? It’s hard to beat.
Aside from enjoying the feel of Bar Soap, it also edges out liquid soap in terms of its environmental impact. One study on the environmental impact of soaps and their associated packaging found that bar soaps have a lower environmental impact than liquid soaps in many categories including carbon footprint, eco-toxicity, ozone depletion potential, and eutrophication potential.” It makes sense as traditionally, liquid soaps are packaged in some type of plastic container (even when eco-friendly and recycled) in order not to leak which takes longer to produce and sticks around the planet for a longer period of time. Our Raw Sugar Bar Soaps are packaged using paperboard and biodegradable cellophane. 
Bar Soap also uses 30 percent less water than liquid soap, so if water conservation is important to you, it may be a better option. The same study on the environmental impact of soaps states that on a per-wash basis consumers use more than six times the amount of liquid soap (by weight) than bar soap. And, more product means more to produce which requires more resources.  
Another reason Bar Soap is appealing? Cost. Bar Soaps are usually more economical because they require less production and packaging making them a more cost effective option. And if you’re using less, you’re likely spending less. 
If you jump on the eco-friendly Bar Soap bandwagon, take note of our Raw Sugar pro-tip and keep your soap in a dish that keeps it dry so the excessive moisture doesn’t break your soap down quicker than it should. 

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