5 Reasons People Are Obsessed With Raw Sugar Living

Posted By Raw Sugar on July 16, 2018

We bet that if you had a peek into your friends’ bathrooms, at least one of them would have a collection of Raw Sugar Living products in the shower. Chances are, if you asked them about it – they would not hesitate to tell you just how much they love Raw Sugar’s healthy, uplifting, nutrient-packed line of skin and hair care products.

Raw Sugar Living has developed an amazing and positive following, and built a positive community of people who understand the brand’s philosophy and know that we’re also about self-care besides just skin-care. When using our products, you’ll also see real results.

As there’s a lot to LOVE for Raw Sugar, we are sharing the top 5 reasons people keep coming back for more...

Cold-Pressed Goodness
At Raw Sugar, all of our products are processed through ColdPress Technology®. Just like your favorite ColdPressed juices. This means that all the vitamins and nutrients of the fruits or superfoods used, are locked inside – only to be soaked right up by your skin. This process helps maintain the integrity of the plant, instead of trying to filter it down to one part. We create products with pure, rich essential oils, vitamins, enzymes and nutrients that feeds your skin with wholesome goodness that you can feel good about.

Self-care You Can Feel Good About
Raw Sugar is all about giving back and living by the notion that everyone deserves to love the skin that they’re in. We never stop looking for ways to positively contribute to the planet and its people. For every product you buy, we donate a fresh bar of soap to a family in need. We want everyone with a Raw Sugar product at home to know that they’ve done something positive for the world.

Loaded With Vitamins and Nutrients
From mango to raw coconut, and maqui berry to lemon – Raw Sugar products are specifically formulated and packed with an exceptional amount of natural goodness. Every combination of natural ingredients have been thoughtfully selected to work together and create the best, most decadent-smelling and skin-loving products your skin has ever been acquainted with.

Affordable and Accessible
Raw Sugar knows that healthy skin is about more than just looking good; it’s about feeling good. We want to help you radiate positivity from the inside out, and give your body, mind and soul the very best care. Everyone deserves to have happy, healthy skin and hair. This is why all of our products are affordable and easily accessible – just Look For The Bamboo Tops & White Bottles at your nearest retailer.

No Parabens, No Sulfates, No Cruelty
Parabens and sulfates have had links to harmful effects on the body – that’s why Raw Sugar Living makes a very conscious effort to keep all our products completely paraben and sulfate free. Instead, we use natural ingredients that are gentle, nourishing and nurturing to the skin. Of course, Raw Sugar products are cruelty-free – we do NOT test on animals, and are certified by PETA. Just healthy, feel-good skin and hair care made with love.


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