Bring More Fun To The Tub

Father and child after bath time
Creating Healthy Self Care Habits For Your Kids. 
Do your kids run away or protest every time you mention bath time? Maybe it's time to bring more fun to the tub and make bath time something to look forward to. When you create a fun, safe place for your kids to play, then it becomes a daily routine. You’re giving them an opportunity to create a lifetime of good, clean habits and memories! 
As adults, we depend on daily routines to function throughout the day. For children, routines are essential to their development, health, and overall wellness. According to research*, family routines and rituals foster connections and aid in the development of academic skills, social skills, and vocabulary enrichment. 

Bringing more fun to the tub not only helps your kids enjoy bath time, but fosters a sense of connection and creates good self care habits. Most of all, can have a ripple effect on their cognitive and social development.   
An added bonus is that when kids feel free to express themselves in play, a parent can learn a to about their emotional state by observing their choices, words and actions.  Our Raw Kids Monster Collection fosters that sense of play and with the cute, friendly faces, and also has play value. They give your little ones the perfect opportunity to enjoy a tactile and expressive bath time.  
Tips for creating a bath ritual for your kids: 
  • Establish a set time for baths and keep to your schedule as closely as you can. It sets an expectation and reduces frustration.  
  • Enhance the bath with our Raw Monsters and add the fun sensations of Fizzy Bath Bombs and our Bubble Bath + Body Washes
  • Stay close. Always supervise your kids in the bath, and even better, spark their imagination by interacting with them as they play too. 
  • Have a warm, fluffy towel waiting to envelope them when they get out of the bath. 
  • Develop a post bath, pre-bed time routine that stays the same and offers a sense of security for your kids such as reading or family story time. 

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