Can Our New Scents Make You Feel Better?

Posted By Raw Sugar on March 19, 2024

The Brain-Scent-Feel-Good Connection. 
At Raw Sugar, we've long understood the transformative power of scents on mood and well-being. While an emerging new area of scent science, called Neuroscents, may be making new waves in the beauty and wellness world, we’ve been crafting scents that uplift, inspire, spark joy, relax and support positivity since day one.  
Have you ever wondered why spas are full of lavender or why watermelon reminds you of summer? Once your sense of smell engages, your emotions and memories kick in. This is because your olfactory system is directly linked to your limbic brain, responsible for memory and emotion processing. This connection explains why certain scents can evoke powerful emotional responses and trigger memories from our past. It's why vanilla is warm and comforting and lavender triggers feelings of harmony and balance.  
Essentially, fragrances are becoming functional as a scientific tool for whole body well-being and self expression. As we continue to unlock the secrets of scent and emotion, the possibilities for enhancing our lives, activating parts of the brain and amplifying energy through the brain/body aromatherapy is limitless. 

Our New Scents: Need Focus, Confidence, Peace or a Vacay? 

We’ve just launched four new scents, each with its own power to influence, indulge, energize and evoke good vibes. Try them all to create new moments, moods and memories.   
santal also known as sandal wood and coffee nuts
Santal is renowned for its calming, mindful and grounding effect. It’s a favorite for spiritual practices and energy cleansing. We’ve balanced the calming woodsy, musky notes with a shot of caffeine to inspire inner peace as well as a full body wake up call.  
Hibiscus flowers and tropical dragon fruit
This scent instantly transports your brain to a blissful state of island relaxation. The light and slightly sweet scent compliments the skin loving benefits: Hibiscus flower is known as a nourishing, gentle exfoliator and gives skin a hydrating boost. The Island Fruit feels juicy, lush and nourishing, giving your brain a signal to feel abundant, grateful and sunny on the inside. 
Find your happy place with this serotonin boosting combo of citrus blooms and sultry fig. The clementine uplifts and elevates your mood while earthy, green and complex fig conveys a slightly sexy and elegant vibe, delivering pure sun kissed allure with a zest for life. 
Shea nut and rice flower
Peace, love and harmony. If you’re looking to balance your chakras, be in harmony with the world, and bring more peace to your day, try this scent. The nutty, earthy and captivating scent of shea is balanced with the light and delicate, creamy vanilla and coconut notes of Rice Flower. It’s an enticingly modern take on remaining calm, cool and collected. 

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