Spring Into Confidence

Posted By Raw Sugar on March 05, 2024

Ways To Boost Your Morale. 
As winter fades and we welcome the gentle warmth of spring, there's a noticeable shift in the air. It's a time for shedding the fuzzy blankets, extra layers and the winter blues and embrace the promise of brighter days ahead. Spring beckons us to revitalize our spirits, shift our energy and align with its sense of growth, optimism and transformation. 
If you’re ready to say goodbye to winter’s moodier time of introspection and hibernation, and step into the lighter energy of spring, here are a few ideas to help elevate your mood and embrace the vibrant vibrations of a new season of you. 

Mood Boosting Practices: 

• Soak Up the Sunshine. Put your face toward the sun and let the shadows fall behind you. Basking in sunshine when it shows itself is a sure fire mood boost and body loving dose of pure Vitamin D. (Don't forget your SPF!)
• Buy Yourself Flowers. Just looking at all the new blooms of spring is a dopamine hit. Doing something nice for yourself is a not only joy and pleasure — its one of the most critical aspects of sustainable self-motivation. It is a good self-care technique, but it also changes the chemistry of our brains and can make us more motivated.
• Connect with Nature. Get back outside and move your body underneath emerging blue skies and budding seeds. Notice the growth and transformation happening all around you and, realize the same thing is happening within you with each passing day. Practice yoga in the park, hike in the hills, and stand with your feet in the grass. Being in nature is rejuvenating and grounding.  
• Dig In To More Happiness. Now is the time to plant seeds and get your hands dirty in the garden. Playing in dirt has profound biological and emotional effects. Studies found people who spent time gardening experienced reductions in depression, anxiety, as well as increases in life satisfaction, quality of life, and sense of community. Results of another study showed that gardening increases vigor, psychological wellbeing, and cognitive function. Further research on gardening found that it improves life satisfaction and mood. Dig in! 
• Unplug Tech and Reconnect With Yourself.  Make Spring a time of reconnecting with your inner world and the outside community by putting down the tech and focusing on IRL moments. When you spend less time looking at a small screen and more time looking at a vast horizon and interacting with people face to face, you may feel more satisfied, connected, experience a reduction in anxiety, depression, and increased life satisfaction. Try a once a week digital detox and see how you feel! 
• Practice Eating With The Season. Nourish your body and sense of well-being and explore the fruits and veggies that are coming into season. Buy from local growers if you can, find new recipes and spend time trying fresh dishes that resonate with the planet and your body. 
• Create a Spring Self Care Routine. As the weather changes, it’s a fun idea to switch up your self care and try new, fresh scents that bring spring into the shower. Shop here for some real mood boosting flower power, hair and scalp detoxing shampoos and new spring styling tools plus skin loving scrubs to get your legs warm weather ready. 

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