Conquering Dry Skin and Hair! 

Posted By Raw Sugar on March 09, 2023

Putting an End To Winter Dryness.  
Lets be real, winter weather can really take a toll. Months of being indoors, running the heat in the house, sitting in front of fires, brittle outdoor temperatures and the lack of humidity in the air are all factors that can affect the moisture content in our skin and hair. With the arrival of March, we’ve got the end of winter dryness in our sights! But before the full effect of spring and short sleeves and sunshine hits, we need to do a deep dive into recovering hydration in our skin and hair. 
girl with hands in her damp hair
1. Dryness in your hair can look like and feel like frizzies, fly-a-ways, dull strands and lack of vibrancy and shine. If you normally wash your hair more than 2-3 times a week, make sure you’re using shampoo and conditioners that are focused on the benefits of hydration and adding moisture back into your strands. All our hair care is made with the addition of Cold Pressed Oils to nourish your strands, but if you’re looking for the real moisture madness — try our Moisture Smoothie Shampoo and Conditioner. The lush formulas are like a smoothie for your hair to quench thirsty strands and leave it looking and feeling softer, smoother and silkier. 
2. Add a Hair Masque to your routine. Masques are meant to nourish your hair on a deeper level than regular conditioners. Our Healing Power Hair Masque is the perfect addition for you to help get important moisture back into your strands, revealing more nourished hair with potentially better elasticity, vibrance, bounce and a healthier look. The rich, creamy formula not only smells amazing, but contains hair-nourishing ingredients like Avocado Oil, Banana, Coconut Milk and Agave. You can also find coconut properties in our Agave + Sweet Almond Milk Moisture Smoothie Coconut Conditioner.
3. Add a Leave-In Conditioner. Leave-in conditioners not only help detangle and protect hair  that is dry and vulnerable to breakage, but they add additional hair-hydrating and style helping ingredients that stay on, enveloping strands with clean, moisturizing and nourishing ingredients. For extra dry or damaged hair, if you haven’t tried our Multi Miracle Hair Mist or Mighty Hair Cream, now is the time. One is a spritz, and one is a lush, creamy texture, and both will do wonders for thirsty hair. 
3. Add Hair Oil. To finish off hair after styling, a small pump of our Endless Hair Glow Dry Perfecting Oil will not only give you shine, it will help lock in nutrients! It is made with Apricot and Argan Oils, which are ingredients known to help strands feel hydrated throughout the day without weighing your strands down as they gleam with a camera-ready glow. 
girl moisturizing shoulder
1. Dryness on your skin can be itchy, red, scaly, flaky and just plain irritated. No-one feels good in dry skin. Switch up your regular Raw Sugar skin care routine for one in our Moisture Loving  collection now. Our Moisture Loving collection was made to combat dry skin with a lush and nourishingly clean formula. It's infused with ingredients that are known for their moisture content and an added infusion of Cold Pressed oils. You can choose from mood-boosting scents like Moisture Loving Watermelon + Fresh Mint, Avocado + Cactus Pear and White Grapefruit + Rosemary to lift your mood and combat dryness. 
2. Switch up your Lotion. Now is the time to trade your every day lotion in and dig into a jar of rich, creamy Body Butter that melts into your skin for deeper moisturizing benefits. Our Body Butters are non-greasy and leave your skin feeling instantly revived with a reviving formula crafted with Cold Pressed oils. Use every day and you’ll start seeing your skin wake up to a new glow. 
3. Exfoliate. You may feel like you don’t want to rub your already dry and sensitive skin, but removing dull, dry skin cells will help your moisture sink in and absorb better. Our Sugar Scrubs are a gentle way to slough off skin debris and reveal smoother, softer skin. The formulas are ultra hydrating and boosts your essential moisture. Instead, they gently remove the look of dryness by infusing ingredients like Shea butter, jojoba oil and coconut oil into your skin, leaving it with a protective veil of moisture.  
4. Hydrate before bed too. Before you climb under the covers, take an extra minute to massage in our Sleep Well & Restore Melatonin Lotion to activate moisture absorption while you sleep. The formula is infused with next level restorative ingredients like magnesium, lavender essential oil, and hemp seed oil to help renew dry skin while you’re snoozing. You’ll wake up feeling softer and moisturized.  
almond milk with almonds and coconut cracked open
1. Increase your consumption of hydrating foods. The same foods that add moisture from the outside in, help up the level of hydration from the inside out. Add winter-available foods like avocado, coconut, almonds, yogurt, spinach, oranges, oatmeal, ghee and lycopene rich tomatoes to your diet. Consuming more soups helps too. They not only warm your body, but can help hydration and deliver a variety of nutrients in one simple meal. 
2. Drink your moisture. Bring on the teas, warm water with lemon, citrus spiked water, coconut water, milks, and even sports drinks that don’t have too much sugar. Leveling up your inner hydration will show up in your skin. Remember, alcohol can be very drying to skin so cutting back and replacing your cocktails with creative mocktails might be a good idea. 
humidifier on table
1. Add a humidifier. A humidifier can do wonders for adding moisture into crisp winter air.

2. Turn down the heat. Home heaters can wreak havoc on skin so try and use the heater less, even if it means throwing on your coziest pair of sweats in the house.  Night is a great time to turn it down while you’re snug under cozy covers.

3. Lower the temp of your showers. Even though you want to warm up and take hot showers or baths, keep in mind that hot water can be very drying to skin. If you can stick to warm, do that. And another trick is to keep your Body Butter handy so while skin is still slightly damp and warm from the shower, your Body Butter has a chance to melt in and lock in moisture. 

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