What is Cold Pressed Technology?

Cold Pressed Technology
When you think of Cold Pressed, it might make you think of your local Juice Bar. Well, Cold Pressed ingredients for your skin are the same healthy juiced concept. What Cold Pressed really means is that no heat is used in the extraction of juices and oils from the plants, nuts and flowers that contain more powerful benefits for your skin. Does it really mean its better? We think so, and here’s why. 
Cold Pressing involves the use of hydraulic press machines to extract juices and oils from raw material without the use of heat. This helps maintain more of the plants’ integrity, nutrients,  enzymes and vital fatty acids and antioxidants like vitamins A, C and E. The reason for this is that when heat extraction is used, chemicals and solvents have to be added and together with higher temperatures, destroy the potency, nutritive value and efficacy of the oils and juices.
We love the benefits of Cold Pressed juices so much, that we’ve patented our own Cold Press Technology® to preserve, extract and deliver the purest, richest, most nutrient dense extracts to love your skin from the outside in. Keeping plants, nuts and seed extracts and oils in their more natural state gives us access to everything that is pure, and helps us to create a product closer to nature with pure, rich essential oils, vitamins, enzymes and nutrients that ultimately nourish, hydrate and feed your skin on a deeper level. 
And because part of the RAW Sugar mission is to do no harm, and protect our environment as much as possible, Cold Pressed also provides us a more environmentally friendly way to make our formulas without the need for chemical solvents and heat that uses more energy. We’re all about clean living and living clean so we will never compromise on our commitment to using Cold Pressed Technology® and maintaining the integrity of our formulas. 

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